Oh! How often we hear the cry, ‘If my head wasn’t screw on I’d lose it!’
As we age most of us tend to concentrate on less and less and our interest diminishes along with it, and this affects our ability of recall.

It is true that if we lose interest then the power to remember swiftly follows.
Trouble is that most of us tend to worry that something far more sinister is on its way and that it won’t be long before the mind goes completely. We need to remove the fear of loss from our minds and replace it with the renewed ability to become interested. Remembering that concentrating on loss or worse will only attract the same feelings to you. Moral: Show some interest!

In the process of meditation we relish spaces between thoughts as you will see if you are following the HPT Posts on Hanukah as we investigate the modes of meditation. In fact we try to expand those spaces of no mind!

So in the moments of forgetfulness, when you forget the most natural and obvious things, don’t get upset. Instead bless those moments and think of them as the mind freeing itself from the monkey chatter that has a habit of cluttering our thoughts. When you are de-cluttered only Peace will remain, and you can look upon these precious moments as a blessing.

When your mind is at peace, totally at peace, you will remember all that you need. You may think we concentrate too much on Peace but recognising Peace and allowing Peace to grow within is probably the most important aspect of consciousness that can only lead to world Peace.
Love David


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