I thought we could have another stab at personal responsibility and with stab in mind, poison with cyanide, homicide or suicide, even hypnosis has been cited as the reason for someone committing a dirty deed, but if you did not want to do it no hypnotist could induce you to do it! You are and always will be responsible for all of your actions.

There is, I believe, no such thing as the balance of one’s mind being disturbed because the thing is that with a drug, knife or a gun in your hand you know full well what you are about to do. You are also well aware that what you contemplate is wrong.

Everyone of us is aware of what is right and what is wrong when it comes to something as fundamental as taking your own life, the life of another or of an animal purely for sport when you do not need to kill for food.

Even sleepwalking involves another level of responsibility when your consciousness is aware of the circumstances of walking not in waking consciousness say to the fridge to grab a forbidden food that you are denied on your diet by yourself or by others. You are still responsible, admittedly at a level that not many will understand, but then who else could be held accountable?

When we train our enlisted men and women to kill or encourage the general population to protect itself by going to gun clubs to learn to shoot we not only teach but also load their consciousness with a responsibility that needs constantly to deny their conscience when sent to war or placed in a situation of defending themselves and their families, their fear is such that they will inevitably shoot to kill rather than to disable or wound.

When those same men and women return to a ‘normal’ peaceful life, which say they enjoyed in their younger years, they are faced with a hidden dilemma that weighs heavily on their waking consciousness which they will not understand.
Their conscience knows they could be wrong, consciously they will know their action could be wrong but their mind is overlaid with a built in legitimacy since a greater authority has trained them in the use of weapons which they may subconsciously argue obviates the sense of responsibility.

It can be annoying in this day and age with all our advances that psychologists still will willingly make the most outrageous allowances for the actions of people whose minds were disturbed out of their balanced state. According to them responsibility disappears.

The same as Obama wants written into any agreed continuing presence of American troops, even in an advisory role, in Afghanistan so that they cannot be prosecuted – in other wards a free hand to commit murder with no responsibility!

It is said that in the end there is no wrong or right but the distinction comes when we contemplate the taking of a life when our conscience knows that this is wrong. What we need to do is to work out ways to help those who come home from deadly action abroad and expect them to live a normal peaceful life.

If responsibility never ends what also concerns me is the traumatic time that certain Souls are storing up for themselves when they leave this life and must review their actions and responsibilities.

It is said that Karma or action is the result of the need for personal experience for the benefit of the Soul and therefore it is not hard to see that having killed others the need is to experience being killed in the next life. That’s fair isn’t it?

Karma is not retribution or punishment, it is to fulfil the need to provide the Soul with the balancing aspect of Soul growth through all of its lives and stages of development. What better way to find that balance than to be killed as it experienced being the killer before, but maybe in a more painful way for the lesson to hit home! What can you expect in your next life?

Time to look hard at our actions and responsibilities! Time to look even harder at the cultures we have created and cultivated where the culture of guns is paramount in the constitution! With Love, David

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Are you ever completely satisfied?
Or like me is there a nagging doubt that there was something else you could have done to reach completion. I look at some of my artwork and wonder if there is just one more brush stroke that will bring a finality of perfection or whether if I do any more to the piece it will be spoilt.

It’s the same with a poem and often after posting or some months lying dormant in the poetry file I’ll go back and rearrange a stanza or change a word here or there that brings me one step nearer to that feeling of good job done and dusted.

But who knows in a year’s time I could come back to the same piece and as I have changed in the meantime, my view has changed and I see things from a different angle, or the subject itself has changed and I see that the poem does not ring true anymore, my quandary is the question: What to do?

Is it any wonder therefore that nothing is ever done, complete or finished? And since there is no right or wrong you have to ask yourself the question, ‘what am I afraid of?’ could it be someone else’s judgement? In fact no one is qualified to judge you or your work and we are only too prone to judge ourselves because we do not realise that nothing is ever done, and there are only different ways of doing things.

I will often sit up in bed in the twilight zone, before snuggling down to sleep, with pad and pen as the words come tumbling out onto the page. I take the pad to the computer the following morning, type the headline and continue typing. I then realise that I have not referred to my tumblings of the night before and the story is similar but not quite the same – just a different way of putting it down on paper, or in this case the screen, ready to post to you! You see just a different way.

Am I satisfied? Probably not and the focus of the morning has diverted slightly and on referring back to the twilight thoughts I realise that there may be one or two tweaks that will enhance a possible post. Now this is a genuine case of ‘where did that come from?’ as often the zone provides inspirations that escape me after the day starts and so no! I become more than satisfied!

Let’s take this another step and imagine a step or two on a walking holiday as you follow one of a number of possible mountain paths. This is an adventure since you could have chosen any of the paths and each one would have given you a different view and made you more or less tired according to its difficulty. Are you satisfied?

Remembering that wherever you are you are meant to be in that moment, you could always try a different route another day, but let’s say that had you looked at every detail of your trek, noticed every twist and turn of the track and noted every stone, flower and insect, every cloud and changing view on your way, you could have been well satisfied.

We see but rarely do we perceive and understand all that comes into view, similarly may we not only hear but please listen to the wind, the song of the bird, the crack and crunch of every step you make and are you conscious of every breath you take?

It is said that we are never satisfied. What did Mick sing? ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ Maybe he was right and there is more to the words of the song than our adolescent minds thought at that first performance! Are we in fact all looking for a satisfaction that does not exist or will we all finally reach the level of consciousness where satisfaction matters not and only happiness resides. Our heart goes out to Mick Jagger whose girlfriend die recently.

Perhaps if we were all to realise that life is an adventure where the only daily destination is joy in all that we see and think and do. Just think, if we could all think like that what a change there would be in the group consciousness of the nations of the world.

Just think with no dissatisfaction even Vladimir Putin might be content with his Russia and the people of the Crimea might be content too to be part of Ukraine with trade links to both Russia and also the rest of Europe. No chance eh?

In a world without fear and a world without lies most of us would be on the pathway to peace and I guess satisfaction would follow fast on the heels of contentment.

In a world where one man’s truth is another man’s falsehood, we still have a long way to go before we can say that every heart is aglow with peace, but don’t lose heart we need to keep at it and encourage all we can to reach for that seemingly impossible dream which I believe is not only possible but within everyone’s worldly adventure! With Love and Peace, David

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Have you been there before?
More than likely yes! But that in itself will be difficult to comprehend, I know because it could be anywhere in this world we are talking about and maybe you have not travelled much in your life or maybe you have and not had that experience?

Although some may have had these weird experiences where we go to a strange place and somehow we know what is round the next corner or behind the following door, which we marvel at when proved right, but for the life of you cannot explain!

One such occurrence of mine started with a dream the night before and since I was to visit a place that was dangerous it was a warning for me to look out for various things to avoid. I now understand that these warnings are ways that the Higher Self can tell us about possible future dangers. So we should take note!

Being a visual sort of person I have seen things in my mind’s eye of places I visit later that I’ve never been to before and ‘lo and behold’ my visions were correct!

But this is only part of the story because so far we have been talking about the physical existence here in this life and how help comes to us in these ways.

But of course you might say that the images I received were from a previous life, but in one instance I can say categorically that everything was too new, too concurrent with my work at that time to be previous.

Your possible comment could have had some merit though as we shall see:
As I have said we are walking three dimensional beings, not in the way you might imagine, because we are a walking, talking three dimensions all at once being! Soul, Spirit and Body, all in different dimensions!

The body has only been in this life, but then surprisingly so has the Spirit too which began its existence with the gift of consciousness from the Soul to the Body at the moment when the baby was capable of sustaining life, and according to the rule book should dissolve and download its contents of every happening in a long or short life into the Akashic Record when the body itself dies. So both only have memories of this life to draw upon.

The Soul though is another matter entirely since it is eternal and is the only common element of every one of your lives ever lived and like as not, has been around as they say, and been to many of the places you are likely to visit again even in a different time frame. It also remembers every event in every life and is capable of offering experiences to the Spirit to help the Spirit and Body on their journey in this life.

Trouble is that the Spirit is an independent sort of entity and can either accept or reject the offer from the Soul thinking it is perfectly capable and preferring to go it alone, confident it will manage any difficulty and challenge set for it to overcome.
Can you see the gift of Free-will creeping in here even at this level?

These offerings can be presented in a number of ways gently to persuade the Spirit to follow the plan set by the Soul and the Higher Self. Your daily HPT Meditation wherever it takes place, visualisation if you are so inclined on your future projects and journeys or in the dream state.

The latter gives the opportunity for the Counsellor Angel, often called Guardian or Recording Angel to try to help and will often take this period of time when the body is at rest to warn the consciousness of impending danger or disaster. However it will be done in such a way that only you can interpret the signs and symbols and scenarios given as a dream. Maybe some of your dreams will begin to make sense now?

In all of these revelations I hope that the message between the lines is coming through loud and clear that you need to know yourself, you need to remember, record and learn how to interpret your dreams and to pay close attention to your Trinity meetings where you all, Soul, Spirit and Body have the chance to have your say, to ensure that you are on the right path to pursue your true purpose on Earth, avoiding as much as possible the pitfalls on he way.
I hope I haven’t been here before! (In the literal sense) Love, David

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After ‘Funerary Rites’ it seemed only right to investigate imagination.
It appeared on rereading and reflection that imagination, as used in that post, was rather confined, but of course imagination as we all know is often used as an excuse. Saying by some, ‘Oh I have no imagination!’ As my Gran would have said, ‘What Tommy Rot!’ Whether we want to admit to it or not we all have it, but to varying degree it is true.

Whether you are an audio sort of person, a feeling sort or a visual kind will affect the way your imagination is expressed or manifested for you. So if you are not that visual gal or guy like me then the pictures that you see in your mind’s eye may be not as clear as others may see, but make no mistake, whether you see yourself doing something or whether you feel yourself doing something it is still imagination at work and is the precursor to everything you contemplate, because it has to come into play before you create anything.

Folks have different ideas about creation itself, but let’s be clear whether you are a mechanic, a carpenter, surgeon or artist you create nothing with your hands. You make things or you do things or paint a canvas with your hands, but you create with your mind, your consciousness.

The notion of being a co-creator with the Logos or God is an idea that seems so far removed from possibility for most, that they imagine that they will have to travel a difficult path of discipline before they can come close to such a calling.

I hope I do not disappoint you when I say that like it or not you are already a co-creator with the Logos. How could you not be with part of the Logos within you? Now whether that will influence your creative thoughts to follow a more beneficial path is entirely up to you because even in this scenario Free-will has its place.

You imagine every thought, every idea, every plan, every shopping list, every time to bath the kids, every meal to cook, every word and every action that you are likely to take. So in this respect you could change the way to imagine to understand that everything has a Divine connection for you. No doubt a certain tennis star would say, ‘you can’t be serious!’ but oh yes I have never been more serious in my life.

When it comes to that connection it is not as if you have to reach for your Iphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC you are connected, which is maybe something that you have never imagined before, but let me tell you this is the absolute truth!

There is nothing in this world that was not imagined either Natural in the Divine mind of the Logos or Manmade in yours or another Human Beings mind first before it came into manifestation.

Here we need to step over one of the boundaries of imaginative creation into inspiration. Take good old Einstein, whom I have used as an example so many times before, who was not a good student, but such a great example, who could not get a job to teach basic physics, but then came out with the General Theory of Relativity and went on from there!

So where did that come from? He claimed, as did many others who have come up with other ideas that have revolutionised the science of Physics and other sciences, that it was their own.

Use your imagination for a moment and think about a huge pool of knowledge, one that includes all of the sciences that apply to every planet in the universe to the ones of much higher technological knowledge base than our own which some call the Universal Consciousness and others the Akashic Record.

And again imagine if you could have accepted such a notion and then by sheer concentration connect with such a pool of knowledge in the realisation that it could solve your problem. Well, this is just one of the avenues that inspiration uses imagination for, if you are only up for the experience.

This pathway actually opens up the same possibility to all of us in every walk of life if we are only prepared to use our imagination.

Go imagine and create yourself a new, rewarding and happy life.
With Love, David

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Imagination precedes all.
So how do you want your body to be treated when you die? Have you donated your organs or your whole self to research? Of course you rely on others to follow your request and imagine, to put your own mind at rest, that they will!

Imagination precedes every action that we may contemplate and then put into place. How could you get up out of your chair and cross the room if you could not imagine doing it in the first place.

When considering your death you may freak out at the imagined possibilities, but then why would you? Anything sacred that existed within you when alive will be long gone and you are just the remaining physical husk!

On other planes too: How could you imagine an angel if you were not told what to expect or seen their depiction by an artist, erroneous though that representation and therefore imagination may be?

Apart from this life what about other levels of existence?
Our multiple cults and faiths all have different funerary expectation and consequences. Certain North American Nations would suspend their dead on six foot high platforms waiting for the eagle to come to take the Soul, which they refer to as spirit, away to heaven.

At the sight of the eagle they would turn their backs during this very personal and private moment in the afterlife of the deceased. Whether the eagle actually came, or the tribe were told by the Shaman that it had materialised, must be left to the imagination!

Others imagine that the white buffalo will come to take the soul away to the North American equivalent of Nirvana. And we know from recent times following the misguided imagination of cult leaders there have been mass suicides at the prospect of the end of the world or the threatened destruction of their imagined and elected way of life.

Suicide is a sin by the way, for the benefit of those who believe that there is no such thing as sin, not on the Logos, God, but on the Soul which if you like is ultimately onto God since the Soul remains a part of God before, during and after life, but the Soul feels it most as a denial.

But back to death:
We know that for very good reasons, such as in hot countries without morgue or refrigerated rooms, the deceased must be buried as quickly as possible whereas in places in northern climes the practice is more relaxed and it can be a week or more before interment or cremation, especially when post mortems are in order to ascertain the cause of death.

I remember taking a boat at 05.00 hours on the bank of the Ganges at Varanasi for the boatman to row us up and down past the Ghats from the yellow painted house where people could come to stay who were about to die and from the posh electric crematorium to the open fires where the ashes were sifted over by the senior surviving relative for any gold teeth or rings before being scattered in the holy river. We won’t go into the reasons for that ritual.

There may be many valleys of the dead where bodies of both humans and animals are left for the vultures and other scavengers to clean the carcasses of the dead that serve two functions:

One to deal with the dead and the other to keep the wildlife alive, which in certain areas with clean up operations in progress and the use of the valleys for other purposes, the bodies are dealt with in other ways and the wildlife is left to starve to death and is now in danger of becoming extinct. You see we either shoot them or starve them and as usual we are good at causes but crap at realising the effects that we create!

Some still embalm the powerful, famous, infamous or saintly and encase the preserved bodies in sealed caskets whether transparent for display or solid for seclusion and preservation for the imagined afterlife as in Ancient Egypt.

If we do not cremate our dead but bury them in wooden boxes that with the climate in our country are soon sodden with rain which allows the creatures of the earth to invade and consume the remains.

Just imagine the effect that this could have when those who died from contagious diseases are buried in this way leaching bacterias or viruses into the soil instead of being consumed cleanly with no contamination by fire.

I know which funerary rite I would prefer my heirs to follow on my behalf and have said so in my will, so that there will be no argument. Incidentally the Soul chose this life with all its consequences including a possibly long and painful passing so I do not believe in assisted euthanasia or whatever else would be the politically correct term for what is still seen as the sin of suicide by the Soul.
Make sure you state your choices before you pass. In short – do it now – for you never know when your time will come. Just to keep everyone happy you understand!
Love, David

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It has never ceased to amaze me how prose written so many, even a hundred years or more after the death of Jeshua (Jesus) by people who never met him or heard him speak have nevertheless been able to raise him to the level of a god. Many believe that the religion should be called Paulinity rather than Christianity since Paul, who never met Jeshua was the prime mover to make the religion popular and accepted by the Roman Empire and so many others.

Why Christianity anyway! Since this must have come from the Greek word Kristos, meaning chosen, which was never spoken by Jeshua who spoke Aramaic with friends and family or Hebrew in the Temple and Paul who was a Roman Citizen courtesy of his father spoke Latin, Hebrew and possibly Aramaic too.

There have been many chosen including Siddhartha Gautama Buddha who neither claimed there was a god nor that there was not a god and yet like Jeshua has been raised to the level of a god by his followers.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Divine element or Spark of the Divine Fire was within both of them as there is in each one of us, but that there is only one Divine or God and that is the Lord Logos.

We as a race seem to be more concerned with our bodies, our comfort and luxury, thinking that the mind just is, we are stuck with it, and that our consciousness needs no concern or care, yet we now know that the mind has a great influence on the well-being of the whole body!
(Mind over Matter!)

Similarly we have tended to concentrate on the man Jeshua rather than his message and again on Siddhartha rather than his philosophy. No doubt the students of Buddhism will disagree with me, but then I found Buddhism the ‘Philosophy of the Mind’ dry and uninteresting whereas the heart message of Jeshua to me is full of ‘Light and Love’ and I look upon him as my Master, Brother and Teacher and it is he who illuminates my consciousness.

In knowing ourselves our most important aspect is the health of the mind which determines our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and therefore the health of our bodies. Consciousness, synonymous with Mind and Spirit which can only express itself through the body, but is nevertheless the driving force just as a horse is the force for the movement of a cart.

What use is a cart without a horse, and what use is a body without a mind? If we have any sense and have to rely on a cart for our livelihood as we have to rely on our body we will look after our horse and should therefore look after our mind feeding them both with the best. Should we not?

It is the mind of Jeshua and the mind of Siddhartha that have given rise to the words of wisdom that have guided so many for so many hundreds of years. Despite the many changes by those who should have known better. It is the living horse that moves the cart, but when a mind descends into coma for whatever reason or is neglected then the body is stilled and does not communicate as it should.

We all search for peace and happiness which to me are levels of consciousness, in other words levels of the living mind, that elusive level of bliss as recommended by Siddhartha whether we are experiencing pain or joy. Would you not agree then that we should look after our minds before and above everything else? Makes sense don’t you think?

Those of us who feel the pains and agitations of stress of others need to pay more attention to caring for our minds just as the carter should feed and care for his horse well to enjoy a smooth ride. The smooth ride of the mind manifests in peace and happiness.

The mind works best when it is fed with the virtues of good character, patience, simplicity and compassion.
Love to you all, David

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Most of us learn to ride a bike in our youth although I know of some who’ve totally missed out on that little marvel of transportation and sport in this physical life.

But on a more serious note I wonder how many of you follow the cycles, the circles and turns of up to 360º that bring us often back to starting points and challenges to renegotiate? Maybe we didn’t make it well enough the first time round even in this life never mind past lives! So it’s as if we give ourselves a second shot at the target to get it right.

And talking of targets we are reminded that the aim is not as important as the journey or the work involved in getting there, even if we do not make it … as you see … we can always try again.

Have you found out yet why you are here? Part of the process of knowing yourself is to find out exactly why you are on this journey, which should be a journey in a constant state of bliss, as Buddha reminds us, through joy to that elusive level of consciousness called happiness.

When you talk to a Sadhu in India the conversation is full of smiles, giggles and laughter and when they converge in their millions on the Ganges for the Kumbh Mela, some completely naked according to their sect, it is a colourful, cheerful and joyous occasion of the greatest religious significance for them all.

It’s no good asking me or anyone else why you are here, you and only you are the one to know, or to root out and find the answer to that conundrum of consciousness by your own determined effort.

Does it sound like too strong a task, too arduous an ask? But think about it: How else are you to understand your true purpose if you are kept in the dark doing wheelies in tight little circles and not knowing why? Or maybe stuck in a rut or a tram line taking you in the wrong direction.

One of the ways of finding out is to dig deep into your consciousness to find your true feelings about everything, but in particular about what makes you happy. I call myself a happy person, singing and dancing all the time, but there are those who have accused me of being a comedian and that I should try to concentrate on more serious subjects! Incidentally dancing to the music of your youth is a good way to exercise and also to reduce your blood pressure which is likely like mine to rise as you age.

The same thing happened with my writing when I was full of experiences and stories and just had to get them down on paper … again I was told to put away childish things and that it was time to get serious and realise my true purpose.

You see the pathway changed from stories to spiritual senses when I was able to steer myself not full circle but part way round to the right exit on the roundabout of this life to pedal my true purpose in these posts which I know are leading me to a new life in the not too distant future.

It is joy and happiness that will guide you to your truth. It may be totally against the wishes or recommendations of others particularly parents or partners, but take heart mine were totally against what I did, and many are proven wrong when they should have known better and left us to make our own choices.

We will often do as we are told, get the grades, go to college or to uni get the degree and then, at that age and with that piece of paper, do something entirely different that brings us joy and happiness. Good for us I say and good for you for doing what gives you joy.

Some of us, and these I admire the most, either refuse to be dictated to or do not have the chance of education, do their own thing anyway. They surprise the rest of us with their achievements, pedalling fast in their own direction of joy and happiness, good for them too!

Of course there are those who do know why you are here, but here’s the trick they will not tell, they are sworn to secrecy knowing that it is part of your soul growth to find your own way, to find out what really makes you happy and to follow that cycle track even if it means making tight little circles on the way every now and then.

In my case I came to Spain from England thinking that the easy life in the sun would be the best place with cheaper living costs and a Mediterranean diet, where the kids would be sure to visit for cheap holidays, obviously the ideal retirement package!

Well, it didn’t quite work out like that after the world financial crisis and growing families making travel too expensive we were left on our own, but in that solitude we found our true vocation realising that it would be necessary to perform our true purpose by returning to England.

But my partner is one of the ones who does not ride a bike, too old for a BMX anyway, so we will be taking our tandem to complete the circle back to blighty as soon as maybe! In the meantime watch this space as we try to help you to negotiate the many cogs, wheels and circles that drive us.

May you find your true purpose and understand why you are here and remember cycling is good for you too, if you can manage to stay upright!
With Love, David

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