We are told by Masters, Mystics and Angels that nothing is ever finished, we are always where we are meant to be and we ourselves are magnificent masters.
Look around you, my friends, does it look that way to you?

If that really is the case how come we are making such a mess of things despite all our cries for help, our prayers and our own efforts to bring peace to this world against all the odds stacked against us. There are some of us who spend quite a few of our waking hours in many moments of quiet introspection on the levels of mind, unknown to most, doing our best in conscious communication to invoke an unfolding to a change in the status quo.

With Russia annexing Crimea it makes you wonder if we are heard, or whether it really is down to us to sort out our own Planet’s problems, which we in our wisdom have brought about.

There are, however, some pretty fantastic sacrifices by the many to answer your calls which are hidden from our waking consciousness and of course we humans can only see the shadow side of life on Earth that inevitably fills us with grief, which we fail to see beyond.

I would like to take you back in time when Princess Diana, a worldwide icon, was killed. She was not just a member by marriage of the Royal Family of Great Britain, not a goddess, but she was one of us. She was not perfect and like the rest of us had her human traits, strengths and weaknesses, but her death provoked a worldwide response. In short it brought us all together which it was hoped would unfold into world peace!

People of all nations came together in tears and in grief, they came in their millions with tributes both natural with flowers, verbal and written in books of remembrance. The sacrifice of Diana brought many nations together in person. The question is did we learn that lesson and allow unfoldment to take place?

As I write this, there is another multiple sacrifice proving to be a reality with the loss of the Malaysian plane MH 370 with all its passengers and crew, and in time we will find out how and why. In the meantime the response of the international community has also been personal with walls of remembrance, flowers and candles with messages and prayers in both Malaysia and also in Beijing, its original destination, by the relatives and friends left to wonder and to grieve, desperate to find closure, not exactly worldwide but by those nations represented by the people on board.

Perhaps more importantly though technologically with the coming together of ships and planes to search for the wreckage eventually in the South Indian Ocean towards the South Pole, in a very difficult and enormous area to search, there is an unfolding of cooperation between countries such as Australia, China, France, Malaysia, the USA and also satellite information and now at this late stage admissions from those with military and spy images of possible wreckage.

This coming together on a technological basis is also a message as to how we should all work together to manage our planet, which this search has shown still has inaccessible and almost impossible areas to know how to navigate and to search so far from land and almost too deep to reach its sea bed.

As I say at the same time the opposite to this lesson is being played out as Russia is in the process of trying to annex Crimea from Ukraine by force.

I have to Put-in that I believe we all realise that he sees himself as a Russian Tsar and his ambition is bit by bit, despite what is denied, to bring the Russian speakers back to one Nation under one flag once again. Which he will claim is the will of his people, despite them being now of a different nationality.

Could it be that those on MH 370 sacrificed themselves at this precise moment to show the world the way to come together and respond to crisis as the opposite to the criminal Crimean way?

It will be a difficult task for the friends and relatives of those on board to recognise a higher reason above the loss of their loved ones, but if the Souls of those on board came with this as their final purpose, just like Diana. Some remaining may find it in their hearts to give thanks for their lives and to rejoice that their Souls were the instruments of bringing such a valuable lesson to the whole of mankind, understanding that at Soul level we all know when we will pass from this life.

We can only hope that Vladimir Putin may finally be prepared to remove the blinkers that blind him from the truth and only feed his greed. Will both he and we learn these lessons? Please God, Lord Logos let the unfolding prove so.
With Love, David


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1 Response to UNFOLDING

  1. Like you say David, many give of their lives in sacrifice so that the masses can come together in compassion.. The mass exodus of the Tsunami’s spring to mind.. The Wars we never learn from, and starvation’s.. The World is unfolding as it should, its sometimes WE who do not SEE Or Change, as we still hang onto the old way of being.. Instead of learning from our errors and embracing our enemies to be the ones who teach us the greatest lessons..
    Lets hope David we can soon bury our differences instead of our burying those who gave of themselves so we can learn from their ultimate sacrifice..

    Blessings to you David..

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