I thought we could have another stab at personal responsibility and with stab in mind, poison with cyanide, homicide or suicide, even hypnosis has been cited as the reason for someone committing a dirty deed, but if you did not want to do it no hypnotist could induce you to do it! You are and always will be responsible for all of your actions.

There is, I believe, no such thing as the balance of one’s mind being disturbed because the thing is that with a drug, knife or a gun in your hand you know full well what you are about to do. You are also well aware that what you contemplate is wrong.

Everyone of us is aware of what is right and what is wrong when it comes to something as fundamental as taking your own life, the life of another or of an animal purely for sport when you do not need to kill for food.

Even sleepwalking involves another level of responsibility when your consciousness is aware of the circumstances of walking not in waking consciousness say to the fridge to grab a forbidden food that you are denied on your diet by yourself or by others. You are still responsible, admittedly at a level that not many will understand, but then who else could be held accountable?

When we train our enlisted men and women to kill or encourage the general population to protect itself by going to gun clubs to learn to shoot we not only teach but also load their consciousness with a responsibility that needs constantly to deny their conscience when sent to war or placed in a situation of defending themselves and their families, their fear is such that they will inevitably shoot to kill rather than to disable or wound.

When those same men and women return to a ‘normal’ peaceful life, which say they enjoyed in their younger years, they are faced with a hidden dilemma that weighs heavily on their waking consciousness which they will not understand.
Their conscience knows they could be wrong, consciously they will know their action could be wrong but their mind is overlaid with a built in legitimacy since a greater authority has trained them in the use of weapons which they may subconsciously argue obviates the sense of responsibility.

It can be annoying in this day and age with all our advances that psychologists still will willingly make the most outrageous allowances for the actions of people whose minds were disturbed out of their balanced state. According to them responsibility disappears.

The same as Obama wants written into any agreed continuing presence of American troops, even in an advisory role, in Afghanistan so that they cannot be prosecuted – in other wards a free hand to commit murder with no responsibility!

It is said that in the end there is no wrong or right but the distinction comes when we contemplate the taking of a life when our conscience knows that this is wrong. What we need to do is to work out ways to help those who come home from deadly action abroad and expect them to live a normal peaceful life.

If responsibility never ends what also concerns me is the traumatic time that certain Souls are storing up for themselves when they leave this life and must review their actions and responsibilities.

It is said that Karma or action is the result of the need for personal experience for the benefit of the Soul and therefore it is not hard to see that having killed others the need is to experience being killed in the next life. That’s fair isn’t it?

Karma is not retribution or punishment, it is to fulfil the need to provide the Soul with the balancing aspect of Soul growth through all of its lives and stages of development. What better way to find that balance than to be killed as it experienced being the killer before, but maybe in a more painful way for the lesson to hit home! What can you expect in your next life?

Time to look hard at our actions and responsibilities! Time to look even harder at the cultures we have created and cultivated where the culture of guns is paramount in the constitution! With Love, David


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  1. Totally Agree David…. It all starts with Self xox Sue

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