It has never ceased to amaze me how prose written so many, even a hundred years or more after the death of Jeshua (Jesus) by people who never met him or heard him speak have nevertheless been able to raise him to the level of a god. Many believe that the religion should be called Paulinity rather than Christianity since Paul, who never met Jeshua was the prime mover to make the religion popular and accepted by the Roman Empire and so many others.

Why Christianity anyway! Since this must have come from the Greek word Kristos, meaning chosen, which was never spoken by Jeshua who spoke Aramaic with friends and family or Hebrew in the Temple and Paul who was a Roman Citizen courtesy of his father spoke Latin, Hebrew and possibly Aramaic too.

There have been many chosen including Siddhartha Gautama Buddha who neither claimed there was a god nor that there was not a god and yet like Jeshua has been raised to the level of a god by his followers.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Divine element or Spark of the Divine Fire was within both of them as there is in each one of us, but that there is only one Divine or God and that is the Lord Logos.

We as a race seem to be more concerned with our bodies, our comfort and luxury, thinking that the mind just is, we are stuck with it, and that our consciousness needs no concern or care, yet we now know that the mind has a great influence on the well-being of the whole body!
(Mind over Matter!)

Similarly we have tended to concentrate on the man Jeshua rather than his message and again on Siddhartha rather than his philosophy. No doubt the students of Buddhism will disagree with me, but then I found Buddhism the ‘Philosophy of the Mind’ dry and uninteresting whereas the heart message of Jeshua to me is full of ‘Light and Love’ and I look upon him as my Master, Brother and Teacher and it is he who illuminates my consciousness.

In knowing ourselves our most important aspect is the health of the mind which determines our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and therefore the health of our bodies. Consciousness, synonymous with Mind and Spirit which can only express itself through the body, but is nevertheless the driving force just as a horse is the force for the movement of a cart.

What use is a cart without a horse, and what use is a body without a mind? If we have any sense and have to rely on a cart for our livelihood as we have to rely on our body we will look after our horse and should therefore look after our mind feeding them both with the best. Should we not?

It is the mind of Jeshua and the mind of Siddhartha that have given rise to the words of wisdom that have guided so many for so many hundreds of years. Despite the many changes by those who should have known better. It is the living horse that moves the cart, but when a mind descends into coma for whatever reason or is neglected then the body is stilled and does not communicate as it should.

We all search for peace and happiness which to me are levels of consciousness, in other words levels of the living mind, that elusive level of bliss as recommended by Siddhartha whether we are experiencing pain or joy. Would you not agree then that we should look after our minds before and above everything else? Makes sense don’t you think?

Those of us who feel the pains and agitations of stress of others need to pay more attention to caring for our minds just as the carter should feed and care for his horse well to enjoy a smooth ride. The smooth ride of the mind manifests in peace and happiness.

The mind works best when it is fed with the virtues of good character, patience, simplicity and compassion.
Love to you all, David


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