Continued from ANGELS:
In my earliest spiritual teachings I was taught that in my sleep state I was taken by my guide to the Halls of Learning overseen by the Angels.
This was a journey, similar to Astral Travelling to the Angelic Realm with my Consciousness, synonymous with Mind and Spirit where the Silver Chord was the continuous connection with the body when the consciousness was elsewhere. When the chord is broken of course we lose the connection and cease to be alive on Earth!

At the time I imagined something a million times bigger than The Bodleian Research Library at Oxford University filled with spiritual volumes and personal records of everyone from every life lived on Earth since the beginning of time.
It was also envisaged that the Lord Logos would write down every facet of my own life and lives in David’s Volume, but as it was put to me in typically anthropomorphic form recently, how would the Logos balance such a huge tome on his knee at the next life review after the death of this life? Poor Lord Logos!

This I was told with other spiritual seekers and using our own imagination we came up with our own images like the one above, but come on folks, there is no library, there are no books, volumes or scrolls. Universal Consciousness, which is what we are talking about, just is! And as in ANGELS the Logos or God is not in form but a consciousness that just is!

Difficult for us to imagine I know but consider the second sky which we spoke about in ANGELS and before as the repository but even if you could see the number of atoms that make up that sky as the number of records that would still not be enough, but when you consider that every atom could contain ten thousand consciousnesses and their records you might come close to the enormity of the concept of Universal Consciousness.

Make no mistake, and I know we tend to be rather parochial if not insular in our belief that we are the only intelligent beings in the Universe, but Universal Consciousness contains not just the records of Planet Earth but of every Star, Planet and Conscious Being in the Universe. How big, clever and important do you feel now?

It has been suggested that there must be such things as Angels as there have been rare sightings described by mystics in the past and little shepherd girls having visions, and visitations to such as Mary the mother of Jeshua (Jesus), which artists have depicted using their own imaginations, as humanoid beings with wings flying in the air.

As we have said before Angels are in fact Souls. So let me ask you this: Have you seen your own Soul? Have you seen anyone else’s Soul? Of course not, for they are in a different realm. Even when passively present inside each one of us they are invisible and their presence can only be felt by the promptings to the Spirit or in your HPT (Highly Precious Time) Meditation that you hopefully undertake daily, inviting the Soul and Body to join you in close communion.

I have seen visions of Angels it is true, not with wings I admit, but nevertheless according to my own imagination I was able to see a form of light presented to me which let me tell you is different to the Lady in White or the Headless Horseman that show themselves at regular times in certain situations, for they are disembodied Spirits and not Souls.

We have so many in the spiritual realms that are rooting for us, if only we would be willing to allow them into our conscious understanding. Not necessarily to see them, except maybe with our minds eye, but just to allow and accept them to be close to us and to allow their help and guidance through the chain of challenges that are presented to us on our journey through this schoolroom of Earth. As a matter of fact if we are gifted with the opportunity to ‘see’ then what we see will be coloured by our own imagination so as not to alarm us in any way, and possibly to make sense to others also in the telling.

You see, besides our Soul within, we have our personal guides who have dedicated themselves to be near to us and help all they can through this one lifetime and were chosen because of their own incarnated experience. Then there is the one often referred to as the Guardian Angel which is more of a Counsellor Angel and is the twin entity of our Soul and follows the Soul through every incarnation and the best way I can explain its function is as a link with the Divine which when the Spirit takes a strange turn can together with the Soul immediately advise a different and better course to follow. Whether the Spirit accepts their promptings is another matter!

Then there are the host of those we call Angels who again guide and also teach in often imperceptible ways to most of us, allowing those with certain gifts to transmit their advice, knowledge and wisdom to others of like mind who seek the spiritual way.

The question is: How many of us are aware of this and willing to accept and take advantage of this amazing facility? You can of course accept or reject according to your Free-will any or all teachings that do not correspond to your beliefs. Remember it is not the teacher that is important but the words of wisdom and the energies that flow from the Angelic fount of knowledge and spiritual understanding.

It should perhaps also be said that religion does not come in to this discussion since these Angelic possibilities are open to all conscious human beings just as the three major religions consider the Holy Bible worthy of note!

If you have questions on this or any other subject posted please ask in a comment and we will do our best to answer.
With Love, David


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