It is said and written that there have been sightings and contact and messages received and even more than that with so called angels sleeping with the daughters of men! No female angels sleeping with us men though. Can you believe that?

It is a sad fact that we do not have the vocabulary in any of our languages without resorting to how we see ourselves, in anthropomorphic form, to explain our appreciation of those beings which inhabit the Angelic Realm. You see I have to use the Angelic Realm as a term of reference to give some relevance as to their whereabouts.

But we have spoken before about the ‘second sky’ which when we look up at a cloudless blue sky we cannot actually see our sky, only the background blue of the Universe, and we are actually looking through that second sky which is also invisible to our eyes within which we could say the Angelic Realm or the Realm of Souls exists.

We can also call the Angelic Realm the Realm of Souls because every being in that realm is a Soul. Just like the essential Spark of the Divine Fire that resides within each one of us.

The difference between ‘them and us’ is that our Soul is within our physical body and their Soul is not, it just is! Having served their time on Planet Earth, or any other Planet for that matter, they have no need or wish to incarnate and instead have decided to dedicate their energies to helping mankind through the difficult journey through the schoolroom of Earth, for however long our Soul has deemed necessary to spend in any particular incarnation are one set of beings, the other are of course those who have never incarnated!

Unfortunately we can only rely on the many misguided messages and images of our predecessors and their artists and still therefore attribute levels, like a Salvation Army, levels of grandeur or achievement, of rank or ability to those beings that, shall we say, inhabit the Angelic Realm. There are therefore in our minds the Lord of the Angels and Angels with particular areas of interest such as healing, mysticism, power, art, music etc., oh and not forgetting Light!

In fact of course any being that inhabits that realm, despite our attempts to grade them from Lord of Angels through Seraphim to Cherubim, all have similar powers and therefore can each approach us when we are in need and are all therefore Messengers of Light. When I say approach I do not mean impose for that would be impossible, but to be near in case of need.

To explain that closeness: Can you imagine a TV station that puts out a signal composed of many channels and many programs all at once which as we know spreads around the world by various means which we can tune into with our receivers wherever we are.

Now, extrapolate that imagery to a similarly invisible signal infiltrating our homes and workplaces wherever we are with we ourselves as the receivers who can tune into any program of those signals at any time. That is how close our Angels are to us!

Unfortunately most of us refute the generous company of Angels preferring to believe that we are alone and anything bad that happens on Earth that affects us is down to an unhappy Divinity. Or as some would have us believe a vengeful God, but nothing is further from the truth.

We must also not forget those who have maybe fallen from Grace?
This concept has arisen, one might say, quite naturally from the inherent fear that seems to reside in the minds of men that if there is a Lord of Light there must be a Lord of Darkness.

Some have even attributed that same duality to the One Lord Logos, God or Allah, saying that there is a good and a bad side to all therefore to the Divinity. You might think this could be relevant when following the various Holy Books but also keep in mind that they were not written by the prophets themselves, they were far too busy for that, but by their followers, in languages that have in most cases been translated and transgressed into something other than the truth.

But of course these writings come not from any other realm or from any Divinity but directly from within the minds of men. Where, if we are honest there is a bright side and a dark side to each of our personalities and most times we have other agendas, hidden or not! You see, we are the ones stuck in duality!

For instance: When did you last hear of the Logos ploughing and sowing a field so badly that the harvest failed? And yet we blame the Logos saying this must be as a result of Divine retribution for our sins! Our own fault? Never! The natural cycles or weather patterns? Never! Come on my friends, are we intelligent or what?

Was it the Logos who cut down all the trees without replacing a single one, causing floods and landslides? An all loving Divinity whose most interesting injunction being: Thou shalt not kill! Repeated on those special signals that we need to tune into since most of us forget that simple saying and kill at will!

(To be continued)
With Love, David


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  1. Cheeni says:

    Interesting 🙂 Hope you are well x

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