Did you ever ask yourself if you had been successful? I bet you have!
I’ve done so many things and used every gift given and, so far as I was happy with that from my point of view, I guess I can say, ‘yes’ to every one. But to you maybe I stopped when I should have carried on, maybe you think I’m a quitter or maybe I should have just stuck at one rather than the multitude of talents I have dabbled in!

But you see, my life has had, like most of us, its ups and downs but I am chuffed that I’ve done what I’ve done and enjoyed every adventure, even when I changed horses midstream I was happy. How many can say that I wonder?

I was told once by a very good medium that I was like a Mercedes going at full speed with the brakes on! Which when I look back was probably true since I have tried to get more than 100% out of every activity and I am reliably informed have applied the same maxim to every previous existence!

Then came the real application of the brake pedal. Just when I thought that retirement would give me the peace that I thought I wanted, when I could just snooze away those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer here in the perpetual summer of Spain.

Not to be my friends, and from what I hear not to be for many of you too!
I wonder how I ever had time to go to work during which period of my life money was never the driving force, but buying experience in order to be able to help and train others was the only priority.

What is success to you? Is it the wealth of the big bank balance, the huge house and flashy car? From a tiny three bed terraced house in England to a seven bed mansion in Spain and all in between I’ve been a home maker and wealth to me has been the family and friends that I have drawn to me over the years.

Now having renovated four houses in England and two in Spain the real brake I found was in this stuck position and emphasis moved from the physical to the spiritual, although I have to say the spiritual has never been far away.

The change although gradual ended up being quite radical as the teaching that I received in the solitude of Spain cleared the decks, to start with, as my appreciation of the Divine connection swept away so much of what the well meaning but misinformed masters of the past had tried to convince me, leaving the way clear for honest, down to earth and unbiased knowledge leading to an unexpected blend of wisdom and common sense or are they both One?

It has also impressed upon my understanding that this task, this quest, this life will never be finished for there will always be something else to do which in itself will never be finished because all is in its own state of becoming.

The one thing that is never finished for sure is, what I can only call the driving force of the universe, and that is the constant looking forward for something better, looking for the becoming in myself, but also in others as well and searching for the right thoughts, words and actions to promote well-being in all through a life of simplicity, patience and compassion for all life.

Where does your success lie? I’d love to hear your story.


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2 Responses to SUCCESS

  1. cat says:

    I like me the way I am now … and I like the speed I am going right now … and I like your speed, David … thank you for the teaching … smiles … Love, cat.

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