Shortage does not exist and therefore famine does not exist, but balance is upset.
When we are not content we imagine that we are lacking something and we continually want more just in case we should run out of something.

We therefore tend to amass more and more of everything, in fact more than we will ever need, that can only be classed as greed at the expense of others who in our limited view do not matter.

Those of us who live in the affluent West waste at least half of what we buy to consume and this is where the scales tip against the others whom we do not even consider never mind think of as not mattering. A smattering of what we waste would feed those who are, as I write, starving.

The prophets of doom depict that the world will be unable to feed its populations in just a few years time. What rubbish! And it is in the rubbish bins of this world that many are forced to rummage for a few scraps of food to feed themselves.

Man’s inhumanity to man does not start on the battle field it begins by tipping the balance from the stable centre in the disproportionate difference between rich and poor and the only lack that exists is the lack of care for one another.

Restaurants and supermarkets in the more enlightened societies are allowing what is perfectly safe food that would otherwise be dumped due to date difference to be used to feed families in need through charitable outlets.

Even the richest countries in this world have dire ditches of difference between their rich and their poor. There is something missing from the curriculum of classes in schools called ‘compassion’.

The cultures which we have generated, in all countries around the world, have decided to follow the maxim of Darwin in his book On the Origin of Species and applied it erroneously to themselves where they imagine that the only ones who will survive are the fittest and hence the strongest and the richest! Survive for what?

If you see yourself as being short of something then use or spend or eat less of it! Less is more! There is a move afoot to encourage people to reduce the temperature of the central heating of their homes in a bid to reduce their own costs and the overall energy bill of the country. Bravo say I!

It has been our long held view that most folks that we know have their thermostats set at too high a level, thus encouraging the spread of disease in their homes, especially with young children who bring home the infections picked up in class.

It is suggested that 18 or 19 degrees centigrade would be a better and healthier temperature to live in, which would also encourage the body to spend more of its energy in heating itself, and therefore minimise the level of fat held in its cells thus reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes. If you feel cold at that temperature put on another jumper!

We are prone to leap over sensible limits and then accuse ourselves of limitation! Many of the Masters teach detachment and certainly we come across more and more of our friends who are by choice or through the current climate being forced to downsize and detach themselves from their grandiose lifestyles.

Small is good and in my view we need to move away from the throwaway society and concentrate on the three major maxims of Simplicity, Patience and Compassion. I am sure that we will then become enlightened to the fact that there is no limitation.
With Love, David


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