We are fortunate and give thanks daily for the gifts that we enjoy!
We are also guided by what I could call spiritual common sense amongst which is the gift of focus.

I am often called several times before I respond because my focus is so strong, but on the other hand I can walk down a street and not see things nor recognise people that are simply beyond my focus.

I am advised to widen my focus to that of my partner who has what I call the all-seeing eye and recognises everyone and everything that happens within our view or even in advance. He on the other hand is advised to narrow his focus for greater concentration without worrying about so many things all at once.

However, on that same hand has the most intense intuition, which makes him a world class medium, and although we choose to do different things it seems he does not need a formal introduction or training and can approach many unknown things with consummate skill, I am sure due to his ability to tune in to universal consciousness, or maybe drawing on the experience of a previous existence.

On another hand I will be the first to comment on the beauty of plants, mountains and sunsets simply because I am tuned in to those aspects of our reality and he is more concerned with the practical picture of living and all that entails.

I will walk into lampposts, trees and iron washing line poles whereas he will foresee the dangers and take the necessary evasive action and this concern for well-being extends to just about every aspect of our daily life.

What I’m trying to convey here, rather long-windedly, is that we are sending out different vibrations to the world about us, rather like the consciousness that filters out certain information and data inputs to the conscious mind which we are therefore totally unaware of. Just like me walking down the street and not seeing half of what others may see.

It’s how we are and we can remain focused or we can choose to reprogram ourselves as we have been advised to do in order, if we wish, to allow our consciousness to assume a more rounded and all-seeing perspective on life, focusing more intently when we so desire.

Now the point about needing to narrow one’s focus implies that there is a need to close some of the boxes of concern so as not to keep them under the spotlight all at once and thereby limit the concern and achieve a more relaxed framework within which to work.

The strange thing is that even with my intense focusing ability I still cannot relax and worry too much. However, as I may have mentioned, I have found something which for me has proved to be my saving grace. Making stuff!

I went through a period of being stuck at the computer for hours and ignoring some of the other gifts that the Logos in His wisdom has seen fit to balance me with and I ignored some of them with the result that the warrior changed into a worrier.

So having a more structured day with some sitting, standing, walking, making and playing has certainly worked for me. It might not work for you, but worth a try as it certainly worked for me and I am a more balanced bloke, I feel, as a result.

It has added another title to the list in my ‘book of gratitude’ so that the other little lesson it provided was that however well we think we know ourselves there is always something else to learn. No wonder after seven years of searching the self the student was told again to, “Know thyself!”

I have to say at the end of this diatribe that there is little that I really want to change as I am happy as I am and feel more and more each day that the stuff that is filtered out of my vision is not meant to be there anyway and I am content to see the world through the eyes and the focus that the Logos has given me.
Be happy as you are, with Love, David


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