Challenges come in many forms and to me they are the stuff of life. I’ve just watched an interview by John Sopel of the BBC with the ruler of Doha who refused to accept the word crisis when questioned about the time when most agreed that Doha was virtually bankrupt, since which time the world has witnessed an amazing turn round. His eminence preferred the word challenge. He seemed a wise man to me!

I had a difficult time in education since winning first prize for Form Work at my prep school in 1948, being cast as a slow learner or more kindly a late developer! Come the eleven plus exam, to gain entrance to the local Grammar School, I failed so mum hauled me off some 40 miles to the County Education Department in Exeter, Devon, England demanding that I be given a second chance.
I passed with flying colours but hated the next 5 years. I was told just before the ‘O’ Level exams that I would fail but came out with 7 out of 8 possible passes!

Everything after that was down to, or should I say up to, Engineering College which I loved and the University of Life. My partner on the other hand left school at 14 and after a series of jobs joined a Religious Order at a Monastery in Belgium hoping to be sent from Europe to South America to teach the children of the Favelas. The masters of the Monastery had other ideas though and wanted him to bring religion to the students of the University of Brussels because of his self taught ability to speak many languages having attended the same University as me! Needless to say that did not suit and other avenues of challenge were sought more to his natural calling.

There are many so called geniuses who have been the poorest students, and also self taught, not that I put us in the same category, but when the subject of your own education comes up be bold and explain, if you need to, that the University of Life is the best Academia to attend. What worth is a piece of paper if it is without real work, followed by purposeful application or interest. In other words make light of the whole subject if there is a lack of education. I believe that common sense is worth far more than that piece of paper!

You are what is important and if you do not impress then they are not worthy of your abilities, talents and God given gifts. Your happiness should be your primary concern and not your actions or achievements to date to please others!

When you really know yourself you will be in a much better position to know where your true purpose lies, how best to meet the challenges that rest assured will not stop, but as you see them for what they are you will be able to meet them face to face even as they may increase in difficulty as you progress along your spiritual pathway and you become the Master in your own mind that you truly are.

Remember that the Law of Attraction acts on a relationship basis too and you will attract to you others of like vibration, interest and like as not education or those who can help you in those lonely hours for you to heed! Or indeed for you to help them!

The halls of learning are vast indeed, waiting only for your acceptance and attendance. The doors are always open for you to make your own appointment, each day if you so wish, whatever makes you happy in your HPT meditation.
Love, David


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3 Responses to EDUCATION

  1. Well seems you paid attention! Lol even though you disliked schooling… 🙂 And I agree the about the Law of Attraction… we do indeed bring into our circle that which we need as we send out via out thinking.. .
    Lovely post and yes always meditating with heart 🙂 Sue

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