As I awoke a wave of happiness swept over me.
Having dealt with the physical I climbed back into bed and sat up with the little blanket over my shoulders almost abuzz with excitement. I bade ‘Good Morning’ to all those who have helped me on my mission to, on and from the Garden Earth.

I thanked each and every one for their devotion, their care and their saving grace in situations in which, but for them it seems, I might not be penning this page in the twilight of this early morning, with the most important person of this life snoozing close by.

I realised that throughout all of my seventy odd years, odd perhaps to some being the operative word, through all the challenges met and still meeting, there had been and still is the most glorious feeling of wonder, not always outwardly shown, but what I can call an almost secretive inner rejoicing. You could say I was afraid to show it in case I was asked why?

This feeling of a tremendous sense of gratitude for the many, many gifts that have shown themselves from the start, maybe not all from the beginning, or perhaps I was unwilling to accept them all at once, but gathered along the way, the Tao.

I was once told that I had taken every advantage of every opportunity in every lifetime that the Lord had decided was the next best journey for the Soul through personalities like this to experience.

Many will know of my present circumstances and some of the lessons learned along the sometimes stony path of this present journey, but although I do not know, as indeed the Soul does not know the eventual end, nevertheless I rejoice, as I say, with the greatest feeling of happiness in my heart at the prospect of the future which I look forward to with great anticipation.

Having been given certain clues along the way as to where but naturally not when of course, since time does not exist, this particular journey will take me, I have vowed, dedicated myself and prayed every day to move from this period of retreat, prayer and meditation in relative solitude to a life of service to others in a completely different community.

This posting of prose and poems through the medium of WordPress on either here at the Angel Messenger or with Hanukah the Scribe, instigated by my better half I have to say, has been the practice place needed to awaken within the next gift and bring it into manifestation.

Throughout all the past and present with an expectant eye on the future I feel the greatest gratitude for the abundance that has come my way. Not in the form of lottery wins which I know would not serve me well but enough to live, and of course the greatest wealth being in the folks I’ve met I can now call friends.

However, in this enlightening age I am sure there are many friends feeling like me that we have more compatriots above than alongside for which I give thanks to the Lord Logos. There is, it must be said, an inherent sadness though from above, within and around at the way the race of mankind has decided to progress at the expense of not only the individual but more importantly the Garden Earth.

In this the 21st Century it seems almost too late to realise our mistakes of the past that unfortunately still carry on, and I would urge all to do their utmost, by accepting personal responsibility, to preserve the rivers and oceans, to clear and clean the air we breathe and to return freedom and love of life, in short happiness, to every life form that lives in the Garden with us.

My love, as always, to you all and that my wish be made manifest that you all feel the same happiness as this messenger. David


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3 Responses to ONE of THOSE DAYS

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David, I feel very enthusiastic while reading this post.
    Yes, we have come a long way yet but we know the way will take us even further.
    Are we ready to settle down and help those who are waiting for us ?
    I do believe the years past have taught us a lot and many moons have come and gone since we said goodbye to our previous abodes.
    Did we at least learn and retain the experiences that came our way ?
    Hopefully we have and we will be able to start our work on the right foot without stepping on anybody else’s foot.
    I am convinced that many will join our quest and while some will leave, others will show up and we will all share whatever we will encounter on the road to … Happiness.
    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read this post.


    • David says:

      Yes Eugene the light of the silvery moon has lighted many an experience which I am certain taught us things which we will be able to pass on to others. The line between faith and patience seems so thin somehow wouldn’t you say? Love David

      • eugene1492 says:

        Absolutely. Often I have wondered if my Faith will resist the invasive doubts my Impatience brings forth. Time will tell and let us hope the best will prevail.

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