How often do you hear of wasted lives?
I’ve just watched a review of the Lockerbie remembrance meetings both in Scotland and in America. One story struck me the hardest was of a lady who became pregnant, but due to the attitude of the society in which her family lived on University campus in America, which was about forty or fifty years ago, had to give up her baby boy for adoption without even holding him, as she was unmarried, on the understanding that she would never try to find him.

She imagined up to this year that her boy was still alive and one day there would be a knock at the door and there would be a tall handsome young man who would say, “Well I guess you are my Mom!”

Of course she did not know until this year when her inquisitiveness got the better of her and she ‘Googled’ him to find that he had been aboard the flight that crashed at Lockerbie all those years ago. In short she found him and lost him all in the same day, a beautiful life full of promise cut short.

He was not a soldier fighting in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world putting himself in the face of danger he was just coming home from a trip abroad to spend Christmas with his adopted family who had never kept from him that he was their adopted son.

There are so many young men trying to keep the peace around the world who willingly put their lives at risk and so many lives are lost and squandered for what?

I wonder sometimes if all this keeping the peace and interfering in other countries affairs is really worth the sacrifices that have to be made. Perhaps they should be left to fight it out for themselves and squander their own lives for their own needs wants or desires? Is peace keeping really all about personal fear?

Take Syria for instance, nothing could be more impossible than trying to keep the peace in that country, so far no one has taken on that role and although many berate President Obama for not putting troops on the ground, with so many factions it is difficult to know who is on which side and I wonder if he has been right all along. Any table for diplomacy would surely have to be round? Or perhaps no table at all removing all barriers between interested parties!

I have just seen the press conference for Mikhail Kordorkovsky released from a ten year stint in a Russian Labour Camp prison close to the Finnish border, kept alive by hope, whose sentence most would agree was politically motivated by a fearful Russian President. He vows not to re-enter politics, but watch this space as we see how he manages to recover what could have deteriorated into a squandered life!

What worries me more is the way in which we can so easily squander a life and let’s face it, you hear of so many who have been intimidated by threats of force, drugs or human trafficking where their lives are wasted into a living hell on Earth.

What must it be like for the Soul, the passive witness, to see what had been planned to be a beautiful life full of promise and every opportunity to find peace and happiness overcoming all of the challenges set by itself to witness for its essential experience and growth, but squandered by the Spirit submitting to a second rate existence due to gang or peer pressure, or sheer greed and human hubris or what it considered was its duty.

With the Spirit deaf to all persuasion and a conscience ripped from the heart a beautiful life can be squandered, it is no wonder that on passing from this life that the Soul can be in such sorrow.

However you, as a unique human being have a special opportunity to allow just such a round table conference (That is so anthropomorphic because of course no table is required) but with only the Trinity of three present – your Soul, Spirit and Body – within the secure and silent confines of your HPT Meditation when all three can have their say and ensure that this life is lived to the full, that every challenge is met and your life is never squandered.

If not daily let it become your New Year’s Resolution that once a week you will give yourself the chance and the choice to live your life to the full in love, peace and happiness, through your HPT Trinity meeting, keeping you set on the right path. Your life is precious, not just at this time of good will but every day of every year so don’t squander it. Love, David


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2 Responses to SQUANDERED LIFE

  1. cat says:

    The story about the man finding his biological mumme touched me deeply … my mumme lost her family in 1945 … she was only 14, when they put her on a train going west … while they where shipped off to Siberia, never been heard from again … I remember my mumme’s tears, while she was waiting to maybe finally hear from them … not quite the same, but very much the same … as for me … I wanted it all, after my years in the monastery … and I believe, I have it all … except my faith in a god went “out the window” after my baby daughter’s death … and I’m not looking back, David … squandered life? Love, cat.

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