Patience is a noble virtue:
Some are born patient, some learn patience and some have patience forced upon them.
Impatience like hatred is an attitude of mind that no one can afford least of all those in positions of power. Both are wasters of valuable energy and can lead to debilitating conditions of mind and body thus adversely affecting relationships with others.

Not many of us are born patient and personally I can say that it would depend on which area of my life I scrutinise to decide whether I am blessed with that particular gift or not.

When it comes to the creative side where I am directly employed and can exercise the gift of construction, making or mending something, then I have endless patience. Job would be in awe!

When it comes to teaching I will spend the time it takes to ensure that others are guided in the right direction. Apparently I make a good teacher but a very poor student. You know what they say: If you want to learn something then teach it!

However when things are beyond my control, where perhaps others are either incompetent, ignorant or deaf to help, frustration I must admit can creep in. However the greatest beyond control has proved to be the long wait to sell our house and move back home and that is where patience was forced upon us.

Yes, frustration did creep in to begin with, but after many moves and expenses of cash and energies and many prospects that came to nothing I realised that there was not a lot more I could do to achieve our goal and so the largess of the lesson of patience began to pitter-patter into the little grey cells.

You may be aware of our faith and although in was shaken at times by the prospect of staying in limbo for ever and a day, it is the underlying strength of our faith and growing patience, some talk of growing impatience, but in our case it has been growing patience which has grown out of our faith in the knowledge that we are in the right place at the right time and that the moment of the Great Move will come when we and all participants involved are ready for that to take place.

You may recall Shakespeare’s words:
Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. I suppose it depends on your definition of Great, but I have great difficulty in believing that some are born great. Except perhaps someone like Mozart!

In my experience and historically most that I can recall achieved greatness through many means whether through practising a growing talent, hard work or by annihilating ones enemies or opponents.

Those who have greatness thrust upon then spring to my mind as if it were a gift that was just waiting for them somewhere on their path for them to just pass that way collect and accept it.

Greatness was never a wish or a goal for us, nor the wealth that often accompanies the great rather the opposite, you know, anything for a quiet life, and if anything a wish to be able to help, to serve our fellows in any way according to their highest good. Wealth for us has always been in the gifts we have received in abundance

As we approach the season of so called Good Will to all men which to most lasts for maybe a week or two at this time of year, I would like to propose that the season be extended to eternity. I would like to ask all in power to extend the season of good will from once to not the four seasons and not just to every solstice or equinox or every saint’s day but to every second of every day 24/7 throughout eternity.

My patience to move pales into obscurity in the face of my request to every leader of every sect throughout the world whether they be Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Baptist, Methodist, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Moon, 7th Day Adventist, Plymouth Brethren, Buddhist, Hindu, All Unnamed Sects, Adherents to any and all gods and goddesses or to themselves, together with the leaders of all Powers, Governments, Tribal Elders, Financial Institutions, Commercial Enterprises, Non Profit Voluntary Organisations and Banks in fact to the whole of Humanity to extend the season of Goodwill and Brotherly Love to 24/7.

I wait with Patience and with Love, David


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2 Responses to PATIENCE

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you David .. Yes ,.. Patience was thrown in my face … and Impatience ( which is mine ) responded in the most strange way. It looked how to convince Patience that it ( Impatience ) was of equal quality and therefore they were brothers or at least cousins issued by the same brain.
    I still do not know who finally won the competition … but will I ever know ? That is the question.

    My impatient nature fights against procrastination and I am never satisfied to settle in habits whether mine or those of somebody else, Let’s not stop the stream that so anxiously wants to reach the great freedom of the Majestic Oceans, even if it will be absorbed by them.

    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read your post.

    Eugene .

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