Animals have no language but they understand the common sounds and body language between their group members linked by instinct.

Although we do not understand the language of our Siamese cat the sounds he makes, and he is very vocal as are all of his breed, we understand when he wants to come in or go out, is angry at being kept waiting for someone to open the door and has a sweet little prrrph of a growl that we know means ‘thank you’ and of course a motorised purr that means ‘I’m happy’.

He has a fear of children which we believe, according to the vet before he came to us, stems from an either deliberate or accidental act of a child throwing a ball that damaged his eye in which he has now lost sight. On the other hand he has developed a great attachment to me to the extent that he comes to look for me if I am not within sight and insists on sitting on my lap and follows me more like a dog than a cat.

I seem to have quite a strong affinity with most animals to the point where they will behave totally out of character when meeting me for the first time. Dogs in particular that would normally bark and take up a defensive posture to guard their property or owner act in a very docile manner without a word being spoken by me. I only have to pat the bench next to me and they will jump up to sit next to and snuggle up to me!

I believe that when the bond of love is so great it is possible for animals to take on a condition, all be it life threatening, rather than see their master suffer and I can vouch for having had the pleasure of a beautiful British Shorthair tom cat, which the Cat lady called a Devon Blue, who was never a lap cat, although he did like the ladies, who stood no nonsense from me, but took on a condition from me which even after expensive surgery returned and eventually and very distressingly took him away from us.

Synchronicity hits you in the most unlikely places, his name was Bertie and when we moved to our little house the lady next door had a West Highland Terrier called WOO short for Wooster. I’m sure you get the connection as we did feeling that we were meant to be there!

It is also possible for an animal to feel the distress of its owner so acutely that it can die of sadness. I can vouch for this when I was giving healing to a greyhound that took on the stress of its owner.

Animals and plants do not understand the words, the language of humans, but the tone and the energy of the voice is responded to in their own way. I remember many years ago that everyone laughed when they heard that Prince Charles talked to his plants! I believe he was the only sane one around at the time.

There is no doubt that we are connected on levels that escape most of us and are definitely beyond the accepted norms of verbal communication human to human. However there are certain secluded trials that are beginning to change this dogmatic view (excuse the pun) as we are beginning to understand, admittedly animal’s communication skills first, especially with the likes of chimpanzees, orang-utans and dolphins, but who knows how oak trees will respond to us in the future?

I hope you are getting the message that we can communicate on many levels both conscious and subconscious with all living beings. The emphasis is on the word ‘Living’.

Contrary to popular opinion born from the return of many who lived at the time of Atlantis when there was much work done with crystals, and who feel the need to repeat that experience, it is no longer possible to have the same connection as we did then. Anyway what would be the point of a repeat performance?

It is however possible to program a crystal or for a crystal to pick up the energetic vibrations from a human body and then play them back just like the crystalline memory of a computer. A crystal has no life of its own but can receive and give back according to the skill and/or connection to its owner on whatever level.

A word of warning: No one with a pace maker should wear a crystal as an ornament!

Communication is the most important avenue of connection we have whether verbal, body language, touch or telepathic thought so don’t knock it, use it to maintain and promote a healthy, harmonious and peaceful link between each other. A Hug a day keeps the blues away!
With Love, David


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