We are Unique and yet looking at old film footage of the 3rd Reich and now the limited newsreels of North Korea it seems that not only the military but also the common people were and are being martialed into obedient clones in those areas and it makes you wonder how we ourselves are perhaps surreptitiously or subliminally being controlled. In fact in one of Hitler’s speeches he said that the German people had to be obedient and peaceful because only when they were peaceful could they become obedient!

So that begs the question that by praying, hoping and meditating on peace are we becoming obedient to our masters? It was mooted recently that the masters of Wall Street are in fact making us all into obedient human robots!

As his senior officers and generals fell out of favour Hitler had them removed just as the same is happening in North Korea today, at the slightest whiff of dissent or disapproval of the main man who it seems will go to any lengths to preserve his consumate command.

As a young boy in the 1940s with all the men away at war I was hardly allowed to have an opinion of my own as I was in fact martialed by the matriarchal matrons in our family who had found new authority having been left to run the country and the families by themselves. What a radical change that wrought in our societies across the globe!

The mental state created within me took a long time to change back to having my own opinion and being able to do things my way and proving to myself and others that far from being useless I was capable of many things which began to rise to the surface in my efforts to prove everyone else incorrect. In fact, as so often is the way, I may have swung too far in the opposite direction in always having to be right!

I think it was not until I retired that I found the middle ground and within it a new law that I would recommend to everyone that we all try to follow.

Having been so appalled by Hitler and Mr Kim, but so enamoured of the activists fighting for human rights like Ghandi and Mandela that I have to say, “Do it your way”. Just as Mandela advised to his White South African Chief of Police.

If you feel that you can’t do it by yourself and need a bit of help then get help and ask those whom you feel will help you best, but in the end feel able to sing the same song as Sinatra so that you can genuinely say, “I did it my way”.

You might ask, why I plead with you to follow this advice which also came from Nelson Mandela? Well, some including me have found ourselves turned from warriors into worriers – leaving all our boxes open, trying to cover all things at once and ending up not knowing which way to turn, instead of concentrating on one thing at a time.

But here’s a little spiritual rub, by the same equivalent token we have a number of sockets open to us in our consciousness that would, if we were able to utilise them all, enable us to plug in to the full capability of our mind.

Unfortunately though, we are taught from a very early age to specialise!
I remember even in my Grammar school giving up history and geography in only the 3rd form and consequently I have been rubbish at both ever since, not having been able to recover from that early loss. Luckily my better half with a career in the Airline and Travel businesses covers those bases more than adequately for me! Thank you Eugene.

The sockets of which I speak can also be seen as the gifts and interests that have been given to each of us in varying measure to use and provide us with a complete life.

Sadly many, when they come to retire find that they have been so specialised that when the one dominant feature of work is removed from everyday thought there is little left save vacancy, not even having a simple hobby, and leaving the door open to the neutralising of neurons and allowing Alzheimer and Dementia to run riot in that space causing a physical shrinking of the brain itself.

Now here we come to the meat of the mental medium which is also tightly tied to personal happiness! Hold on to your hats …

If you feel like doing it, then do it!
Ghandi spun cotton, which was not necessary but relaxed him and at the same time gave to the world the impression of his humility, Churchill painted in oils – not forgetting his signature cigar, Buddha and Jeshua (Jesus) walked in the wilderness finding great solace through their love of the natural world and direct connection with the earth. (Walking is good, walking barefoot on sand or good ground is good also.)

You may have seen in a previous post CREATION on Hanukah the Scribe how I lost and found one of my circuits that plugged me in to one of my essential sockets and gave me back my sanity and also my happiness.

You may have guessed by the famous names already mentioned that the use of all your sockets as they did, which I have to say is rare among humans, should be the goal of all, and is the way towards enlightenment, on the path to Ascension.

You see now I hope that the pathway is not just about faith, prayer and meditation although those may be some of your sockets for connection to your essential circuits, but Ascension is more about the physical gifts you may have, but are not necessarily aware of.

It’s about having as varied a life as possible creating a rounded personality and living a life to the full, a life full of patience, simplicity and compassion and doing your own thing regardless of what others may think, so long as you don’t break the law!

When I retired I wondered how I ever had time to work and it is my fervent prayer that all will find more than enough to occupy their minds in life, before, during and after work. With Love, David


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