I had thought that this was already posted but could not find it so if you have read it before please forgive and enjoy.

guess like many in the west I tend to be selective of the postings from Radio Sai. However I did follow Sai Baba avidly for a while at weekly meetings in Sussex then residential weekends, that often reduced me to tears of pure joy, here and there but conditions changed and having retired to Spain 10 years ago I have relied since then on the daily postings to keep me up to speed.

Many friends and acquaintances went to India to see Baba in the flesh and although I fell in love with India when I followed the Lotus Path I never went to Prasanthi Nilayam, feeling strongly in Baba’s own words that there was no need to see him as he was always with us.

Indeed when two of our clients came for healing on different occasions, when I was in England, they both remarked that they had seen Sai Baba with us. One asked him, ‘Why are you here?’ he replied, ‘I like to come for the healing!’ And that was with no preamble or indication that Sai Baba had ever manifested or appeared to any of us.

So now I do try to keep in his good books so to speak and felt that the following, in its entirety was worthy of your attention without further ado.

There is no dearth of good books, telling you how to live happily and be free from grief, and many thousand copies of them are being purchased. Yet there is nothing to indicate that the content in the books have been read and assimilated. The habits, conduct, and character of the readers of these books have not undergone any change for good. Egoism and greed are still rampant; hatred has not abated and envy eats into the vitals of the society. Henceforth, do not treat My words lightly. Decide to implement in your life, at least one advice for your spiritual growth. Every one of you must examine your mental make-up and see whether you have used your discrimination and scientific temper (Viveka and Vijnana) to clothe yourself with detachment (Vairagya), so that you do not suffer from the attachment to the worldly objects.
Divine Discourse, Jan 22, 1960.
Perhaps you can read from the above the need to know yourself.
With Love, David


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