There was a time when we were little more than animals with a group consciousness referred to by the Masters as sub-human. We have all seen the animations of the apelike creatures gradually walking in an erect posture with changes in the skull shape as we went from animal to man.

The changes that have taxed the minds of our anthropologists since the beginning have been the apparent leaps in ability to the thinking beings of today and even to the giants jumps in technology in the last 100 years citing the possible involvement of an alien connection bringing with it literally rocket science and space travel, so far to the moon, though some doubt it and cite a film set, but who knows where next.

However when you look back on all of these developments in the apparent evolution of man, to where has that brought us? Apart that is from decimating our home planet and as one Master recently put it, cutting the branch we are sitting on!

There is a constant hope that things will improve, but also a counterbalancing fear that if we continue to elect the same elite into power they will simply continue to line their own pockets at the expense of the rest of us along with the further depletion of Planet earth.

You only have to look at the unfair taxation systems that abound around the world and the siphoning of aid monies into the pockets of the politicians, instead of to the people who have lost everything, to begin to understand the corrupt society that we have generated in our leaps in evolution.

There is no doubt that the challenge that faces mankind in its present form is huge. Whatever we believe about the past and how, who or what has brought us to where we are today the future looks bleak, if you look at it as it appears!

I saw a program the other evening showing the centres of population around the world in a supposed night sky, looking back from say the moon, showing up as pinpoints of light with cities ablaze, but vast tracts of land still relatively uninhabited as areas of darkness when the world turned.

You may have witnessed when reading the posts of Angel messenger and Hanukah the Scribe that there has been a theme of the search for Happiness growing over the past many months. It is my fervent wish that we all begin to understand who and what we are and can use the immense power invested in us for the good of all to bring happiness to everyone.

When you look at the huge advances in science and technology it makes you wonder why we are not all as happy as Larry!

It seems that some are very good at research and innovative design and others are good at patents and marketing. What a pity that those two gifts could not be brought together as in my last post entitled Partnership.

It has been said by many a master that mankind will not learn how to survive until Love has been incorporated into science and into the science of partnership. It is also said that fear is the opposite of Love but I believe that greed comes a very close second!

Science in all its marvels of technology, communication and innovation has allowed us to talk to one another 24/7 but has done nothing to help us to understand each other nor to love each other, but I still wonder when we will begin at least to contemplate the existence of consciousness and how that could be used to understand and bring us all together.

To have an ‘OLogy’ is supposed to be the be all and end all, so maybe it’s the time of the Psychologists to flex their consciousness muscles instead of just listening to us and prescribing mind dulling drugs because they do not understand us! Try tuning in to us, dear Doctors, like tuning in to the right radio station where you will find the right answers.
Semi-conscious, but with Love, David


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