Inspiration comes from many quarters, directions and dimensions, the best of course being from the Higher Self, and I was sure that I had posted under this heading once before, but having trawled through all previous posts on Hanukah and the Angel I have been unable to find it, so at the risk of boring you all to tears here goes again:

It is amazing what others expect of us! They either put us on a pedestal, which God forbid, or want us to behave in a certain way in order for them to feel good in themselves. How weird is that? But unfortunately all too often true.

We have been led to revere and place on those pedestals the ones who would seem to have lived exemplary lives, according to our judgement, but then who are we to judge? We look up to them on Earth as perhaps our Parish Priest, those who have made great sacrifice and even seem to have invoked miracles from their tombs.

We might even give them titles such as Saint, long after they have left this earthly life when proof would prove impossible of their deeds, visions, prophesies or sacrifices. In truth they have all been just human and no doubt harboured the frailties of which we are all too prone to succumb even if in secret.

Then there are those of us who try to follow the inspiration of the Higher Self and try to find the good in all they do, and all they meet and try to see happiness in each endeavour and at the same time do all they can in a small but insignificant way to help others.
And for this we are called selfish!

The Masters have encouraged us to follow the Divine injunction to think, say and do that which brings happiness into our minds and bodies. It is such a pity that those who find themselves at odds with our words and actions, since it does not make them happy, must find us selfish.

And as I am sure I have said before that this accusation was levelled at me having worked voluntarily for the church for many years and merely because I was a solitary soul it did not suit those for whom I did the most. Not that the title means anything to me now for I see it for what it is. I just like being on my own!

Unconditional Love is a concept beyond the appreciation of many for whom there is no such thing as doing something for nothing, expecting nothing in return for our voluntary vocation. In fact Unconditional Love can often be misinterpreted as indifference!

You may wonder how that figures, but if you consider the Father figure of Almighty God the Lord Logos who is the most loving of beings, who gave us the ultimate gift of Free Will to use as we see fit with no interference whatsoever, you can perhaps begin to appreciate its meaning.

There are many millions who pray to their image and name of their God expecting everything that they and the rest of humanity have done wrong to be put right by their God. But having given us that great gift to use in any way we want, the other complimentary gift is to allow us to see the benefit or the error of our ways and to give us the opportunity of putting it right for ourselves!

That is Unconditional Love.
Now is that lovingly being left alone to do our own thing or is it indifference?
You see, that is what the Passive Witness, the Soul, is hoping to see us learn by and follow the path of Soul Growth through the many challenges and Soul Set-ups prepared for us in each incarnation.

Some folks are afraid of failure but how else are we to learn?
Failure means we tried and failure is the learning process in action.
Given Free-will and the opportunity of seeing our error and being able to put it right if possible for ourselves. What greater learning process? The trouble is that a lot of what we have done has been totally selfish, driven by greed, and is completely undoable. In that situation it must leave the Soul in sorrow and also in the knowledge that a return to try again is inevitable. But to where?

Our beloved Planet Earth is now so depleted that we will in the foreseeable future run out of all of Earth’s resources. We have no one else to thank than ourselves for our selfishness. And as for a return visit to try to put right some if not all of our wrongs we will have undoubtedly to look elsewhere.

The more we know it would seem that maybe ourselves or another race has made similarly greedy and selfish mistakes on planets such as say Mars.

Where would you suggest next? And since each life is veiled from the last, do you think we would be capable of making the same selfish mistakes all over again?
I ask you: What can we do now to save ourselves in the here and now? In fact, on our present course, we have to ask the ultimate question: Is Earth saveable?
What do you think? And what can you do to make that happen?
With Love, and wishing you happiness, regardless of what anyone else demands or expects, David


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