Sai’s Message to you all
This came through a day or two ago
I felt that as it came it had to go
It meant so much to me
And I hope it does to you
This message brings a gift
Not only that of Divine Love
But an urgency to foster it
Within you from above
When secured within your heart
You will feel a special part
The feeling you are not alone
You are with all there is, at One.

May you all develop Divine Love and stand out as the harbingers of a new age, free from selfishness, greed, hatred and violence. Let each of you be light unto yourself and thereby be a light unto others. There should be no differences or quarrel amongst devotees. When you come together and work on a common cause, there should be no scramble for power or position. What matters is the purity, intensity and sincerity of the devotion and the spirit of selfless sacrifice in which each devotee renders service to the needy and the suffering. God is always with you, in you and around you. When all differences are eradicated and devotees unite and conduct themselves with selfless devotion, each one of you will realise that God and you are one. I bless you so you may attain that bliss.
– Divine Discourse, Aug 1981.
With Love, David


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Devonian writer
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  1. Amazing how many are communicating the same essence of Love these past few days as I click my mouse around blog land David.. Thank you for sharing these words As we begin to Feel and talk as ONE 🙂

  2. David says:

    Glad you feel it too Sue. Almost at the turn of every page and click of every mouse the message in many languages and different phrases conveys the same indisputable fact that we are becoming. Becoming One. Love, David

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