It is said that he or she that endures to the end shall be saved.
My question would be saved from what? Except from one’s self!
You see I believe that we are already saved except from the free will gift that is entirely up to us to use to good or not so good effect.

The only exception comes when we believe that the challenges we are set, which are never too much for us, seem through our misted and singular vision to be indeed too much for us.

I use the word singular because so many acquaintances come across to me as being alone and in their aloneness, which includes the feeling of helplessness, they feel that they cannot cope with what could merely be the Soul set-ups that have been prepared along the pathway for the benefit of the Growth of the Soul and the benefit of the self in the process, on the journey of each and every incarnation.

The mental and spiritual trauma of life can become so difficult to cope with that life becomes too much and the only recourse seems to be to end it all or to blame someone else and to end it all for them. In other words our mind becomes so disturbed and our vision so distorted that we believe that our problems will end by either removing us or them, the problem will then disappear.

In the aftermath when the magnificent minds try to find reasons for what has happened, the question of responsibility needs must be considered both psychologically and of course legally. It seems that when crimes are committed under duress, in fits of passion, or even when supposedly in a state of sleep it is considered that the balance of the mind can be so disturbed that the perpetrator is unaware of their actions and therefore not responsible, i.e. not guilty.

I have to ask, ‘How can that be for I do not believe in the negation of responsibility?’

What do you think goes through the mind of a person who picks up a weapon of any kind, from a pill of poison, a hypodermic syringe, a kitchen knife, cross bow or gun whether dreaming, asleep or awake?

If you consider that they were sleep-walking or in a fit of passion or temper at the time, do you think that the thought of the act they are about to commit with that weapon had not already gone through their mind while fully cognisant?

When we are alone we have no reference, no sounding board to hear our own thoughts and nine times out of ten no still small voice inside that we would have been used to hearing on our quiet quest.

This noisy world that promises so much and delivers so little has much to answer for, for the state of mind that many find themselves in today. President Kennedy promised nothing, he only said, ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country and for the whole world’. This kind of injunction gives you the impression that you are not alone and that you are in all of this together and there to help each other.

The President was a religious man despite his many human frailties that many pious people would despise. He no doubt was aware as I wish and I hope and pray that the whole of humanity was aware of a divine presence in our lives, that does not judge, gives us the free will to do as we please and is there for the asking.

In our HPT meditation we gradually begin to understand the presence of that part of the Divine, that I call Soul, which makes us also part of that Divine presence which expects us to ask for help and remember that we are forever in the light of the Divine Presence and it is only ourselves that can cast a shadow.

If we truly are all in it together then all the rest of humanity whether of a different faith or colour deserves our support, our love and help in times of stress whether personal, national or worldly.

But of course this concept involves a huge leap of faith for we have to believe that we respect everyone else no matter their choice of path to the Divine in fact whatever choices they make, which is the gift given to each of us, in the package of free-will.

If we could do this then acceptance of our personal responsibility becomes easier to bear, we no longer feel alone, we can accept the vulnerability of sharing with others not just food and drink, but our deepest thoughts and most of all our love.

Have you ever been in love? Some will say that they could not tell, but if you ever felt so vulnerable that you would give your all to another being then that to me is the nearest you will get to understanding.

I love the Lord Logos so much and I know that I am loved beyond my own concept of love and maybe that feeling of vulnerability gave rise to the saying blasted to us from the pulpits about ‘the fear of the Lord’. To me that is utter nonsense and proves that those who believe it know nothing of the Unconditional Love of the Lord Logos.

If only we could all learn to love and serve the Lord each in our own way on our own path respected and loved by everyone else on their own path what a different world it would be.

How about this for a constant prayer: “Lord, restore my faith and teach me to Love”
With Love, David


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  1. Wisdom as always David 🙂 We are each responsible for our actions at the end of the day xox

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