Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
In verse 2 of the Tao Te Ching it tells us:
When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly.

Certainly I believe, for men or for women, if you pick up and read a beauty magazine ten to one it will make you feel ugly. Quick, down to the gym or beauty salon, or both! You see nothing has changed from 500 years BCE to the present day. It seems throughout all our years of evolution, which admittedly we find hard to track as it happens so slowly, we learn at an even slower pace, if at all!

Did I say learn? My mistake, for I do believe that we have all been attending the wrong classes! Or we continually gaze out of the window at greener grass because we are not willing to put in the work to gain anything worth having like sister/brotherhood, compassion, love or how to share! How about you?

The problem is that we are all in this pickle together where those in power pass laws to protect their own easily or ill gotten gains at the expense of the very ones who have made their fortunes possible. It is a conundrum I cannot get my head around: that the countries with the richest are also home to the poorest people on the planet.

When you look at someone what do you see?
Do you see with both your eyes if you are lucky still to have them and find in your mind an image of a person too fat for their own good, with faces lined and fingers gnarled and back bent from body breaking work in the fields, mines or sweat shops, or so thin they obviously don’t eat properly because they are starving, not wearing the right clothes, barefoot even because they have no shoes? (Apart from walking barefoot in the park!) The list is endless and judgement covers them all.

And yet we are, as I say all in this together, so are we not brothers and sisters? Should we not care for one another, should we not share with each other. There are very few cultures left on the planet that practice the ancient wisdom of sharing and I will bet my last shilling that they are the poorest. But then poor by whose standards? Judgement rears its head again. We have to, don’t we? How else will we be wise enough to find the right path?

I said poorest because that will mean most to most of us but of course this assumes that we all have the same definition of wealth.
Indigenous peoples in places like the Amazon Jungles or the Inuit Indians of Northern Alaska have a totally different view of life from our, oh so sophisticated wealthy life styles and will not judge in the same way as we do.

But I suspect that they are closer to the Original views of life, using more than just the two physical eyes. They have not been subject to the same inquisitions, witch hunts and Shamanic shame that the rest of us have had to suffer on pain of death, having been forced to give up our natural abilities, using all three of their eyes to view the world and their brothers and sisters who share it with them is a lesson we could re-learn.

There are a few who have perhaps unwittingly used this natural gift to propel themselves forward on the evolutionary path but very few since the powers that be have been successfully obliterated it from our conscious pathways and although still there we are so used to being told it has gone or was never there at all we refuse to acknowledge it.

What a different world it would be if we could see each other as we truly are!
There are a growing number of compassionate folks who see the grass greener everywhere they are and are trying to keep it so and the spread across the globe. And I may say without a hint of any conscious third eye participation seeing everyone as their sisters and brothers.

At the same time without any name, collaboration, creed or dogma there are again a growing number of different grass roots groups who follow their Quiet Quest to try to bring this ailing and depleted place back to some semblance of ancient normality against all the odds of big pharma, fat cat power, oil and nuclear based lobby. I applaud the few since those whom they oppose only hasten the demise of planet Earth which quite frankly has had enough of our greed and ignorance – witness the recent storms that have flattened the Philippines at category 5 the highest recorded on the scale of 1 to 5!

Behold all of your brothers and sisters for they are all beautiful as is our planet. Let us try and keep it all so.
With much Love to you ME (Mother Earth) and all beautiful people, my sisters and brothers, David


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  1. Gede Prama says:

    Interesting article, Thanks and regards

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