How does it go? ‘If it’s not broken don’t fix it!’
Easier said than done for an engineer like me who fancies himself as a renovator of antiques, a cook, gardener and general organiser. Well I suppose it would all come under the title of DIY’er! You know: Oh this just needs a touch up or a slight adjustment! Just like the ‘Bisy Backson’ in the Tao of Pooh. I do try to be more like Pooh though!

Where did we get the idea from that we always need to be doing? I guess from little rhymes like, ‘the Devil makes work for idle hands’ perhaps from our Grannies, Victorian ancestors, or maybe even from the Puritan Pilgrim Fathers. Great when I don’t believe in the D-evil or any of his supposed manifestations, except perhaps the thoughts that some humans allow to multiply in their malicious and mischievous minds! Especially tonight on All Hallows Eve!

As you may know I also dislike the word perfect which implies a state of being that cannot be bettered and assumes that the Universe is complete, but as we know cannot be so, for it is either expanding or contracting and as far as humanity is concerned we are either moving up the ladder of Ascension or slipping down but never perfectly still.

In fact the whole of creation is in the glorious state of becoming!

So from that point of view you could argue that nothing needs to be fixed because everything is becoming something other than itself in that moment, expanding, contracting, becoming brighter or dimmer, moving from one dimension to the next, the list is endless and goes on quite rightly into infinity where becoming takes on its true mantle.

We have been going through a difficult number of years waiting and hoping to move and feeling that all is not well in the State of Denmark. It suddenly hit me, after a little hint from one of our friends, that everything is not perfect but just exactly as it should be!

That Eureka moment opened a portal so to speak for me to realise that the real moment has not yet arrived and there is nothing more for me to do, or to try to fix what I have seen as not quite right. (That’s the trouble with being a perfectionist!)

When that moment arrives it will be like the last piece of the jigsaw slotting into place. So in the meantime there is nothing more for me to do except to enjoy every single moment that continues to bridge the gap between now and then. Which means that I can resume my rightful quest for happiness, just like I’ve been trying to impress upon you all! With, as our Aussie cousins would say, ‘No worries’!

Having been stuck so to speak in that feeling of things not being right, when I look back over time I see a succession of things breaking down and needing fixing. Did I bring those conditions onto myself by thoughts and beliefs of broken-ness? Possibly! After all we did take on the job of refurbishing two less than perfect homes here in Spain!

Some would have us believe that we attract those very vibrations through the Law of Attraction that match our own thoughts whether they be of wholeness or broken-ness, but to be honest I often feel that the Law is a bit slow in catching up with the status quo.

But then perhaps I have been assuming the status quo to be static and perfect in its way when all the time it is continually moving and becoming something better, and therefore the Law is changing moment by moment to suit the changes going on in my co-creative mind! Yours too I suspect.

In short nothing is wrong, all is as it should be and you like me, are on the path to happiness. Of course there is also the other point of view that there is no such thing as right or wrong just slight or grand differences. As the French would say
‘Vive la difference!’ and so say I.

Some have even remarked that it must be boring to be an Alien as they all look the same (How anyone would know that goodness knows) but just think of the vibrant mental patterns in each one, like all the radio stations in the World in constant performance, communicating on levels without sound or speech and totally beyond us! Now that’s variety and something to reach up and ascend to!
Love, David


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2 Responses to MR FIX IT

  1. I keep just going with the flow, and see where I will land…I think sometimes when we force something that doesn’t quite feel right we block the energies and thats when things seem not to go in our favour…. Leave it alone and all will come right is now my moto.. 🙂

  2. David says:

    Excellent, just what Pooh would do! Love, David

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