We have spoken of the Psychic Stream of information, knowledge and wisdom that has been denied by mankind for centuries and if you were able to look with the vision of an Angel across the vast expanse of the Universe, you would see not only the Nurseries where stars are born in all the vibrant colours of creation, but also all of the other Streams that make up the web of energies which flow through the interconnecting pathways between galaxies and Universes.

These are the Streams that to us seem like impossible leaps from dimension to dimension linking past, present and probability into the homogenous whole of what I can only describe, with my limited vocabulary, as the holistic holograms of happiness, health and well-being when they meet up and blend together into the ocean in which our own Earth is a mere drop.

For you see there is no source of evil anywhere in the unbelievable grandeur of God’s Garden. To me this is the true Eden if it has to have a name at all and Eden would seem to rings bells with most of us. This is a place of nothing you might say. But I would say it is a place of nothing but Well-being!

If we would let it be, that Well-being would also manifest here on this Planet Earth as it does on millions of other Earths throughout God’s Garden and the drop of goodness in the grand ocean would allow us all to follow our individual quest for happiness.

Sadly though many of us have accumulated so much and we are so afraid of losing it that we will do anything to protect what we have and millionaires and billionaires which are being created at such an alarming rate and the masses still as poor as church mice that the disparity will only serve to widen the gap and has no chance of bringing us back together where we belong, sharing all there is for our common Well-being.

In the process of protection of course we have created more and more who want what we have, and will do anything to get it, whom we have labelled terrorists, whether they want what we have for the sake of it or to convert us to their religion. Yes, I apologise it had to come in here somewhere and I wonder if they even know themselves!

Whereas in the past we considered that our large or small islands made us secure we now realise that the world is in fact a very small place which has only made us feel less secure and we send high tech unmanned dealers of death to the four corners of this small planet to find and kill one man and in the process kill the rest of his family and village including all of the children as well.

The premise of death to the few for the sake of the many has never washed with me which is so easy now that you don’t have to put yourself at any risk in the process, brings Armageddon that much closer, that much quicker.

The use of drones has escalated under the present Government of the US who proclaim to be the peacekeepers of the world but what guise or mask do they appear to be wearing to you? And who fabricates the intelligence that leads them on their rivers of destruction and are the French and the British, to name just three in all, members of the same club?

Evil does not exist of itself but what do you see behind the masks of some of our lawmakers?

Allowance is a great tool, but resistance is its opposite. If we were all to allow the Stream of Well-being into our lives and allow others to receive it also what a different world this would be. Sadly though we resist what is naturally ours and we cut ourselves off from the Streams that are purely for our benefit and Well-being. Just think if that were taught in school and allowed throughout life we probably wouldn’t even need a Health Care Program or a National Health Service and a lot more children would be alive and well.

We are concerned with opposites, when we find good we must look for and find evil. Since the beginning of recorded time those who profess a divine connection have seen Satan in many guises including the poor serpent, when in truth they are manifesting their own resistance since without conformity there can be no order and the delight of difference is definitely denied.

People need to understand that it is not so called fallen angels, beings or people that are evil, but the ideas that they identify with and their actions that others see as evil. The mind is a morass of not only opposites but also of opportunities for change. Let us change our minds and channel education for all of our children not through bombs but through thoughts of Well-being and the Joy of being different.
With Love, David


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