Now here’s a thought: Have you ever thought that every thought you think has its own unique vibration? So unique in fact that you only have to add something little or take something tiny away from that original idea that the whole vibration changes?

Every thought is so personal. Just imagine that the Universe is a huge Radio station that emits a signal to every being not just on our planet but to every being on every planet in itself. Not only that, but there is a response to every thought that you send out as if you were a satellite relay station. The signals flow back and forth in constant communication to and from every conscious being.

In fact just to enhance the network even more and to clarify communication, imagine that God or the Logos is the Chief Editor of the Universal Station who decides what the content is of all the messages that are sent out and monitors all messages like prayers received. A bit like the comments on our blogs where you post a comment and it says, ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’.

There is also another step in the chain of distribution. Have you ever wondered where the fantastic idea or thought that suddenly appears in your mind comes from? You have a number of unseen intermediary beings whose sole reason for being is to help you all they can and the transmission of the replies to your vibrating prayers and posts is just one of their sacred tasks.

When a Medium is used to transmit the voice of one of these helpers it’s as if they become the loudspeakers of the transmitted message from the Universal Radio Station in some cases even using the voice of the medium.

Every time you change your mind or improve your original thought whether through local ideas or in response to these transmitted messages, which we can call intuition, the vibration changes again and the response changes accordingly. When you know that your every thought is monitored and responded to in this way it makes you think twice doesn’t it?

Can you now appreciate how close the Divine is to you in your life?
This makes me so happy! I hope it makes you happy too. Love, David


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4 Responses to A SHORT THOUGHT

  1. cat says:

    … reminds me of bonsai trees, being shaped into a different shape … against their will … and , voila, there they are … beautifully shaped but for someone else’s enjoyment … mmmh, no ?

    • David says:

      You will always have free will(FW) and no one should be able to shape you to the way you do not want to be. FW allows you to think and do as you please within your own boundaries and conscience. Try to imagine a helper or two of a kind you will rarely find here on Earth who are dedicated to help all they can, with your highest good at heart. All you have to do is ask. Love, David

  2. yean says:

    I can never predict my first thought upon waking. If I am the author of my thoughts, why can’t I fully control them?
    “I think therefore I am.” So, what am I?

    • David says:

      Moving from the sleep level of consciousness to the waking level, then prediction is not to say impossible without the attributes of a Dream Scientist, but shall we say unnecessary. Question: Define AM? In my book being does not follow thought, thought follows being, belief follows thought which determines your state of being. Love, David

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