There’s nothing like leading by example. I suppose if there was one fault I had in business it was that I found it hard to delegate not giving anyone anything to do I would not do myself.

Conversely it is said that I make a good teacher but a poor student. Probably because I have always had a hard time with those in charge, obviously believing that I could do a better job myself and wanting to show the way rather than to follow what I considered to be a misguided and/or untried idea.

However, I do believe that I cannot teach since I believe that I can only act as a signpost to show the way and allow others to find what they are seeking within themselves. I believe what is said: that we have all that we need within.
The Tao: “If you want to learn, look inside your heart”

It is often said that the repetition of the Lords name within one’s mind excludes other thoughts of anger, hatred, envy and desire leaving the consciousness clean, clear and close to the Lord, with thoughts on the higher levels leaving the mind free of useless and aimless gossip. In fact I was never one for idle chit chat or small talk, preferring to discuss a relevant topic of spiritual importance or a subject of concern in the news.

I have been a great advocate of rote! Repetition, for me anyway has allowed me to be able to quote poems and passages from Shakespeare though oddly enough although I cannot read music and I don’t remember the words of songs, if someone sings or puts the words in front of me I can usually bash out the tune!

My four year old Granddaughter already knows her alphabet, can count in English and Spanish and writes her own name, mummy, daddy and granddad pretty well too through the repetition by mum and dad and the whole family when we are together.

I see mantras as the right kind of positive affirmations repeated silently in the mind to enhance the consciousness and health of mind, body and spirit. As far as behavior is concerned the leading by example of the whole family is proving the best of the methods, above freedom of expression that leads to all sorts of problems in the early years, but time will tell as the youngsters grow and show their developed natures in their teens and beyond.

Talk then as a way of communication has suffered so much in our electronic revolution with the advent of the TV that destroyed the art, and now the art of the text has almost obliterated it altogether. But the thumbs have taken on a new dexterity of their own!

This means of communicating through the Blog is equally to blame, but how else I wonder would the word get round to so many and so immediately. It is indeed, to an old codger like me a great wonder, and having said that I would feel blessed if I was able to help just one person in this life, and now I can thank so many of you who follow in different ways, press the like button and best of all leave me your comments. To you all, my new friends, my grateful thanks.

Do you remember the old advert for the telephone that said, “It’s good to talk!” well perhaps it’s time I got used to talking in this new way which could become the most used way of the future! And there was I hoping we would all begin to be telepathic again! Yeah right!

I have one big worry and, although the parents do limit the time spent, I still am concerned about the time the children in the family spend on tablet games and the type of games whose content of war and constant conflict leaves much to be desired. In this kind of activity there is of course no talk at all! Except the occasional expletive!

There are children born now with an in-built high degree of wisdom and ability to understand much more than before, even before they themselves can talk, and their frustration at not being understood themselves is all too evident.

Many names have been given to these marvels of the modern (s)age but what’s in a name when the important thing is to contact through talking to generate a platform of understanding where the wisdom can be channelled in the right direction, and the frustration not be allowed to fester into anger and clever conflict.

Let us all do our best to revive the art of conversation. With such rich vocabularies to draw upon, in which I will admit I am woefully inadequate, I keep the Chambers close at hand to make my posts readable and hopefully good enough to talk about! It’s good to talk.

Admission: I do have the most wonderful walking encyclopaedia with me, in several languages, who helps me constantly! Aren’t I the lucky one? Love, David


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5 Responses to MANTRAS & TALK

  1. cat says:

    “There are children born now with an in-built high degree of wisdom and ability to understand much more than before, even before they themselves can talk, and their frustration at not being understood themselves is all too evident.”

    This line hit me like a rock … right into my chest …wants me want to run … wants me want to wail … out loud … I do believe there are people, that will never, ever grasp your concepts …I’m one of them … but glad for your permission to peek into your way of thinking …Love, always, cat. (

    • David says:

      This is not theory Cat it is from recent personal and close experience. The answer is simple: Communication! Remembering that you are dealing with one of superior wisdom and intelligence. Love, David

  2. David I so relate to this post… I too would never ask anyone to do something I could not do myself in my other job within the Textile industry I had.. And as a training officer I would be very Hands on..
    My Granddaughter is not yet 3 until Dec.. and already she can spell and read short 3 and 4 letter words.. knows all her numbers, alphabet and colours and is a little chatter box of conversation.,
    So I know where you are coming from especially about the tablets these days of games consoles..

    I hope my role can help teach her about nature and she thank goodness just loves being outdoors.. and even as a small baby I would kind of know what she was thinking…
    We need to educate our young ones, and not with the text books.. but in those things that matter.. The basics of respecting nature and each other..
    They will have a tough job on their hands in the future and we need to be giving them all the help they can get..
    So enjoyed this post..
    Wishing you well David.. much love and Light my friend
    Sue xoxox

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