When I wrote my first book, ‘Journey through many lifetimes’ I realized that it was to a very special market and my understanding has been more than realized with virtually nonexistent sales even as an e-book. (Available on Amazon by the way if you are interested) Nevertheless, when my publisher apologized for the lack of sales he was surprised at my reaction when I explained that I knew that the readership would be minimal, and I was not surprised at all.

Of course I couldn’t say that before it went to print even though he found it good publishable material. I knew that the company would grow slowly together with the followers of my blogs, yes you, reading this, who I also include in my ‘Holy Company’.

Sai Baba talks about a different Holy Company encouraging those who may be lost to seek the company of those seen as holy by others. However, the fact that a man or woman wears a particular vestment, black or a pink frock, skull cap, mitre, turban or triple crown, to me, does not make them any more holy than the man or woman next door or any reader of my books or blogs.

What makes the difference is the way we view ourselves and each other, since a part of each one of us is the most holy, sacred segment that exists in the Universe which has yet to be recognized, accepted and given true respect by each one of us to all of us.

If that were only to come to pass I believe, naively perhaps, that war would cease. I have the feeling that if I pray for peace I must acknowledge that war exists and there is no shortage of that in the world as mass killings are reported every day on the news.

The most difficult thing for most of us to comprehend is that those for instance who invaded the shopping mall in Kenya and killed so many, not for what they themselves as ordinary people had done but as a retribution to the country as a whole for sending troops to neighbouring Somalia to fight the terrorists. Who all have within them that sacred element and I must therefore include in my Holy Company.

For it is not they who are at fault, but the act that they carried out. You may ask the question, ‘and what about those who manipulated their minds in order to carry out such an atrocity?’ and it is therefore legitimate to argue that every suicide bomber and their masters of whatever religious or philosophical persuasion, what of them, are they not to blame?

And I have to ask you a question in return: Do you consider our society truly fair and just in whichever country you live with nobody hungry and no one stinking rich?
If you can answer YES, I have another question: Can I come and live with you?
If your answer is NO, then who or what is at fault that allows the minds of men and women to be so devastated that they feel they have no other option than to resort to ultimate force to find some kind of fairness for themselves and their families.

I have my doubts as to whether those who hide behind vestments of various kinds are on a peaceful path at all since they would appear to be the source of death rather than peace and hope that those to whom Baba would send the lost ones are of a different kind and holy purpose.

It does not take much to be content and there is enough food grown to feed us all, but not to feed the greed of any. I have no doubt that the day will come when we will understand that in fact we own nothing and all that there is should be shared. In the meantime I see my Holy Company slowly growing and ask you all to allow the peaceful purpose to grow in your hearts and to share that purpose with your children, your family and friends so that the Holy Company becomes complete.
With Peace and Love, David


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