Warnings are everywhere, beware of this that and the other, you know, the dog, the bull, junk food, artificial sweeteners, millions more and now of course genetically modified foods and drinks. (GMOs)

So this is just a little hint, shorter than usual and aimed specifically at you know who: Yes, the best or worst known to us as Monsanto and any other company in the same shady business that is gradually killing nature and poisoning mankind.
I have to say, ‘How obscene that two of their scientists have been awarded the Nobel prize for GMOs!’ They should have been indicted for Crimes Against Humanity!

The one lesson of history that we never seem to learn is the lesson of history:

In Verse 29 of the Tao Te Ching
Attributed to Lao Tzu sometime around 500 BCE it says:

Do you want to improve the world?
I don’t think it can be done.
The world is sacred
It can’t be improved.
If you tamper with it you will ruin it
If you treat it like an object you’ll lose it.

Let’s face it we are doing just that … Losing it!

The greatest gift to mankind is Free-will and some would say also its greatest curse, but I am coming to the conclusion that the greatest curse is the abuse of the gift of Free-will when mankind tries to become God.

With foods that are immune to weed killers and now silent forests that in order to make the trees immune all other life forms are dying, and mankind? How are we faring? Not so well it seems.

When half the world is starving and we waste half the food we produce it does not take a Rocket Scientists to do the simple Maths that we are quite capable of feeding the world without trying to improve on nature.

We don’t need to modify anything! With just a little readjustment back in time,

We will be able to feed all who need
Without subscribing to Monsanto’s greed

Into the foreseeable future with ease.
Just a little change in method,
working with, instead of against, nature!

Don’t fight it, Love Nature, Love, David


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3 Responses to A WORD OF WARNING

  1. The amount of produce wasted is unbelievable.. Supermarkets demand perfection, round no bumps, cucumbers of certain sizes bananas of certain curve, what happens to the produce that doesn’t meet the perfection target…. It gets dumped …. Yes we could easily Feed the World, but its not about feeding the world, Monsanto’s greed is about feeding its self,, Profit and Money making and Monopoly of crops…. is what motivates it… Not feeding the Hungry nations less well off… If that were the case Thousands of Indian Farmers would not have committed suicide in India …
    Great post that brings awareness …
    Sue xoxox

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