Who are you?
When we get up in the morning we fold the covers back to the foot of the bed and leave them to air before making them later. I look back at my bed and try to remember my dreams that fade so fast I wonder where that part of my consciousness has disappeared to.

I see the impression on my pillow and feel some days that what little wisdom I wield is still resting there until I return at night to take up my place of night time dreaming, different to daydreaming, and return wisdom to where I believe it should be. Perhaps the pillow is the important portal between waking and dreaming consciousness!

I don’t know about you, and of course many of you are still relatively young, but at this ripe age I still feel about thirty five, round about your age! The trouble is that the body lets me know in no uncertain terms what is good to eat, how much manual work it can take and how much sleep it needs. Gone are the days when I could work all day, dance and drink most of the night away then run down to the beach and skinny dip to refresh before going back to college.

But this is all part of answering that first question, which again I slipped in under the title just to let you know that we are still on the track of knowing. Knowing who we are and recognizing the changes that occur as we experience life.

Nothing in the Universe is ever still and knowing ourselves is a continuous process of self discovery as we grow, we age and we change. If you are ever accused of changing your mind then thank God that you are growing and changing and a conscious witness to it all.

Try to notice the changes and try also to direct the changes for the better, remembering that the accusation is of no consequence since what others think of you is of little or no importance just so long as you are happy with yourself.

Witness is a good word in this context since the Soul in its role of passive witness is acting in tandem with your own reading of how life experience is allowing you to change and grow into the patterned person designed by the Soul from the beginning of your birth, this time round.

The fact that there will come a time when you can’t do what you used to relish is no reflection on you, it is just one of the glories of life experience planned into this panoply of options this time round. Following on these sometimes regretfully harrowing disappointments comes a fresh opportunity that allows not a bodily change but a consciousness change.

Young people used to come to the church full of enthusiasm imagining that they could give and learn and be part of a community, but often their images were dashed as work and family life took precedence. So the average age of the folks that ran the place was higher than most other institutions full of enthusiastic volunteers.

But here’s the thing: When all those life building commitments fade there comes a time when consciousness is given, if you like, a second chance. Wrongly looked upon by many as a disastrous time of mental deterioration, but which in fact is a clearing of the areas no longer so important, like the work and family building blocks, that give way to fresh connections in the consciousness allowing the more peaceful and passive role in a family or community and now actually on the tandem and in a more perfect synchronicity with the Soul, especially through HPT.

It’s in these changing moments that we need carefully to recognize exactly what is happening as imagination and intuition take up a more bonded blend and our life experience to date can be of immense help to not necessarily the next generation but the one after that. Sadly at our age we are often counted as a spent force and past our sell by date! When really we have so much to offer, and luckily so often the bond appears between those jumped generations.

The fact that we don’t remember the date or where we put our glasses is of no consequence and just the subject of a new game, ‘Hunt the Glasses’! I thank heaven for the Internet and Blogging where we can say and share what life has given to us and if anyone wants to read/listen or switch us off, their choice!

I just hope that Cameron and his fearful cronies do not win the day and make that choice for everyone else and switch us all off!

Well with a touch of wind at 05.00 I couldn’t sleep and my Imagination started to race and this diatribe appeared. It is so beautifully quiet and you know I was up before the cockerel next door with not even a glimmer of the dawn – a good time for imagination to be given full reign, but now I think we’ll give intuition its turn and just sit, breath and listen!
Love to all, David


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