When you pray to the Logos, to God, to Allah or to the One that has no name, do you imagine that you move the supreme Source of all there is? I do not use the words being or entity for that always implies the human error of assuming that only something of anthropomorphic form could have any validity or effect on humanity!

But one local bishop obviously does since he believes that the recent terrible floods in Colorado USA are God’s way of condemning the people of that American state for even considering affording equal rights to gays. So it’s all their fault! God is just moved into the state of reprimand by the Sin of the State in general. Yeah right! As if God could be that evil!

So I wonder what accolade God is going to give to Russia or Uganda for making any reference to LGBT liable to imprisonment or death? Please forgive my cynicism and I do not take the Lord’s name in vain but I believe that many do through their ignorance.

The greatest surprise to me is that our so called temporal or spiritual geniuses have not yet realized that the nature of sexuality is not a disease, nor due to a specific gene or indoctrination by others or even choice, but due to the intimate cultural nature of the strength of the various close male and female personality influences that a child is subject to from the moment of birth, both inside and outside the family.

It is also surprising in our so called sophisticated society that our educated masses still treat the Lord Logos like a Heaven based supermarket mogul, worshipped for his shelves bending under the weight of purchasable blessings and blamed for too much or too little rain or of anything in fact that does not suit their personal desire!

So who is the real culprit for the current challenges that we have to face?
The report on global warming has just come out where the scientists are 95% sure that mankind is partly to blame. Brimming with certainty and confidence you understand and open to considerable doubt! But is there any doubt?

The culprit, my friends is the mass of humankind that demands their dividend! And they have grown so strong that their lobby is sufficient to move presidents, governments and the slavish human race into believing that carbon based fuels are the best and the only long lasting way of fuelling our economies. So powerful have they become that many safer alternatives are hidden in books of secrets and locked in vaults of the powerful elites of nations.

It is also becoming clear that the tampering with the genes of plants is a bad move, and that tilling every year is unnecessary and modern methods of farming are far from sustainable without the poisonous use of expensive chemical fertilizers that are against the natural way and not only hurt the land but the minute flora and fauna not to mention the fish and crustaceans that live in adjacent rivers too.

Of course there are other ways that mankind has depleted our planet and altered the weather patterns: We have successfully stripped our mountains of forests which can no longer hold the rainwater and when it does rain and rain harder than in the remembered past there are no roots to hold things together and we wonder why landslides demolish whole villages!

Of course it is easy to blame the poor who still have only a mud stove to cook on with any scrap of wood that creates smoke to pollute the air and ruin the health of the mothers who try to feed their families on less than a dollar a day.

Many look upon the Industrial Revolution (I R) as the best thing that happened to the human race. And the worst thing? Well, I believe that occurred when money was invented and the barter system was abandoned, though I have a sneaking feeling that it may return in a slightly different form that will benefit all rather than just the privileged few. Why hasn’t the I R provided cheap, clean and efficient stoves for the poor throughout the world? We won’t talk about the mining here that is depleting the planet and fueling the IR!

Does anyone seriously believe that money or profit interests or moves the Logos in any way whatsoever? If you ask me, I can imagine it would be a serious turn off if I was the Logos, but then that would not be the nature of the Logos! Would it?

The world has been blessed from time to time with the occasional Prophet or Avatar to try to bring mankind the message though, as with all things, we must use our discernment especially when money becomes involved to determine its validity. I believe that they all begin with a sincere missive which then becomes messed up by mankind and money.

Look carefully at these words from Sai Baba:

No manifestation of the Lord needs any publicity. What do you know about God? Is your faith unshakable? You praise Him when things go well, and blame when things go wrong. Even before your devotion ripens, you strive to lead others, and plan for subscriptions and associations; all this is mere show which brings more spiritual loss than gain. When you start publicity you descend to the level of those who compete in collecting clientele, decrying others and extolling themselves. Remember, where money is calculated, garnered and exhibited to demonstrate one’s achievements, God will not be present. God comes only where sincerity, faith and surrender are valued. Sing with yearning for Him. Hours of shouting do not count; a moment of concentrated prayer from the heart is enough to melt and move God.
– Divine Discourse, Oct 15, 1964.
Pray simply and often from the heart. Words do not matter, money is worth nothing, faith, love and sincerity are all that are of value. With Love, David


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2 Responses to MOVING GOD

  1. D.R. Tracy says:

    AMEN! Very well put, and I agree. I wish that evil…”money” never existed. We’ve sacrificed our values and principles behind it and have forgotten what is really important like faith, hope and love, something money can’t buy. God bless.

  2. Very Well Put David…I shake my head at these so called Spiritual Heads who profess to worship in the name of Love of ‘their’ God by which ever name… Who then preach the wrath of God and put the blame at another door!…

    I shake my head for they still yet have Much to Learn…
    Great message my friend

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