If you want to listen to Joy then you should listen to Beethoven’s Symphonies, culminating in the 9th – and the Ode to Joy.

Of course there are many other joyful sounds to listen to and I’m sure you have your favourites, but the most important sound of joy does not need a record, tape, CD, or any sophisticated electronic piece of equipment for it is within each one of us.

Many believe that those who are, or seem to be, enlightened have found some secret ingredient or piece of personal property that sets them apart from the rest of the human race, but the fact is my friends that we are all gifted with the same thing that is beyond all knowledge, bookishness and brain.

I always say, ‘I have a single cell, which does me very well!’

Because we all have that single spark of wisdom within us, but sadly most choose to ignore it at their disadvantage or even peril. With such emphasis on cleverness it has become almost an entity on its own with more tentacles than a giant octopus or squid that envelopes and sucks us all dry of that special something – our innate wisdom.

We are wise beyond words, but sadly we wander in a world where only cleverness counts, when really if we were content to look within and find out what we already have we would know that all we have to do is to use what we already possess.

The things I need to do are few. But the things I want to do are quite another matter.

Happiness comes from recognising our inherent wisdom and using it to our best ability without stepping outside the boundaries that it has already set. Within our own wisdom are the gifts that were bequeathed to us at birth. If you think you have none then you have a poor opinion of your glorious self. Take the simplest gift:
The ability to listen!

Can you listen to the troubles and concerns of another? If you can do this in all sincerity you have already found the path at the multiple cross roads of life for this is the beginning of the healing gift! You see how one leads to another just by using what you already have?

When you do this you have halved the concerns of someone else and you can hear the tone of joy and happiness begin to echo in their voice just by you sitting, not saying, but just listening. Then listen to their happiness!
Listen to your own Joy and Happiness that will come from this experience.
Love, David


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3 Responses to LISTEN to JOY

  1. Hi David, lovely post. There is a lyrical spirit to it. Your response to Kilmer’s TREES poem on another blog caught my eye. If I may, here’s a deeper look at that very poem…

    Hope it gives you something of joy.

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