As one who has been through marital divorce I can vouch for it being classed as one of the most traumatic experiences to go through. That and moving house which I am about to embark on, hopefully and for the eighth time, you’d think I was used to it by now but I can tell you: ‘No way Jose!’

But back to divorce: I was one of the lucky ones, having insisted on no lawyers, and spared the deep divisions that some have to be part of, but nevertheless it felt like being ripped apart as the other half of me for 28 years could not see eye to eye with me anymore, but apart from that the parting was amicable and we remain friends.

There are many partings that can be classed as divorce like the guys I spent so many years with at school and college I never see or hear from anymore, relatives who have drifted away and those who have not only moved on to other places and countries but those also who have left us behind and gone on to another life after life.

Not really divorce you may say but maybe it all comes down to the relationship shared and then broken, never to be repaired in the same way, but in another way no relationship is ever completely broken, however on this level makes it seem as final as divorce. But there is another perhaps more subtle kind of divorce that many of us unwittingly wander into without knowing it!

No one would argue with the fact that we are all born into Divine Grace which is the link from the Divine Source to our Soul within us. It is that part of us that is Divine in nature. The Grace remains with us as children until we begin to become conscious of alternative views that deny its existence. If we then accept that there is no such thing as Grace we exercise our right of Free Will and we block the Grace and essentially we are divorced from Divine Grace. It is there for the asking and accepting but blocked by us!

At the end of our sessions we will say, ‘May the Lord Bless us all’.
This is not really invoking a blessing but reminding us all that the blessing is already there unless of course we choose to deny it and divorce ourselves from the Love, Grace and Blessing of the Logos.

We all search for Peace both in the outer world and in ourselves, but we continually divorce ourselves from Peace by becoming upset and frustrated by something as natural, simple and mindful as the cry of a baby, the dawn chorus, a church bell or the roar of traffic. If you are upset you cannot be at peace and most in that state will take their consciousness away from the present moment either into the past or the future.

If you move out of the present moment you divorce yourself from the presence of the Logos.

Just as if you denied your connection and blessing, but happily for us this is the kind of denial or divorce that is instantly repairable. The trick is to be prepared to remain in the present moment in the knowledge that in that moment you are in the presence of the Logos and can use your Free Will again to reinstate the Grace of the Lord.

One of the tricks that will enable you to remain connected in the present moment is to change everything that made you upset or frustrated before into a timely reminder that you are in the present. You see, we are in effect Time Lords, flitting from Past to Future and often missing out the Present all together. Good luck to the latest Time Lord – Peter Capaldi as The Doctor!

We though, unlike the good Doctor, are controlled by time instead of using time for our own benefit. We eat according to the clock, we pray when the bell sounds, we meditate at prescribed times instead of carrying out all these things when we feel like it and this is why we get upset when our rigid timetable is changed by any outside influence.

When the dawn chorus wakes you, it reminds you of the present moment so why not rise and enjoy the best time of the day instead of getting annoyed that you really needed another hour or two’s sleep? You may meditate or watch the glory of the moment the sun rises, but be present in that moment and conscious of the Blessing that surrounds you and permeates your being.

When you hear the baby cry, remind yourself of the miracle of the moment of birth and how fortunate you are to be alive and knowing that you are indeed blessed, sending your blessing to the young child and seeing, if within reach, you can help in any way to ease its distress.

If you are a healer there is no point in you trying to help someone at a prescribed time if you do not feel ready or you are sick yourself. Wait until you are ready and able, no matter what the clock says and that they are also conscious of the change.

Use every sound, instant image, itch, touch or tickle to remind you that you are in the moment, feel the presence around and within you and know that what you feel is the real deal. You are blessed, don’t deny it and risk divorce!
With Love, David
PS. A call from a long lost friend from 8 years ago confirmed my belief in continuing relationships! We spoke as if it was yesterday.


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2 Responses to DIVORCE

  1. A joy I have found in reading your words in my ‘present’ moment David, there is only one ‘Time’ to live and that is in the now, not in regret, or anticipation of tomorrow, But to make the Very most of our moments here and now… ( you should have seen me dancing like a child as I took those butterfly photo’s,) 😉 We have so many riches if only we look for them.. and divorce the ideas we have been brought up within the boxes of our mind-sets… Freedom to fly like those butterflies comes with the knowledge we are FREE, if only we allow inner selves to let go and divorce our own constrictions…

    Lovely post.. I have no doubts all is well in place for your future move David, the Universe is in control 😉
    Love and Blessings
    Sue x

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