Who are you?
We have looked at the various aspects of love in the way that we ascribe love to everything from our nearest and dearest to our pets, our homes, our friends and our possessions and who knows what else! We have spoken about the need for gratitude, you know, making the list of things we are grateful for on a daily basis and adding to the list to include absolutely everything that we love, appreciate and hold dear.

You will remember how our desire for something also implies that we appreciate it, otherwise why would we want it? By desiring, the Law of Attraction comes into operation and brings to you more of the same, on the same vibration of that which you want and desire.

However you may not be aware that another energy comes into play the moment you begin to send out the vibrations of appreciation. You may not have what you appreciate yet, but the mere fact of you wanting and appreciating something actually begins to draw you towards it. Even that, to begin with, may not be obvious to you because there are subtle movements that begin to open the channels of connection. These are the pathways of energy that synchronise your own vibration with that which you wish for and appreciate.

I am sure many of you will have felt these subtle changes in the way that you see things, which in the beginning may have seemed farfetched and out of reach, but gradually appear to come within arm’s length. This is not an illusion it is happening on levels that I can only describe as enabling energetic pathways.

As always you can scotch the lot by imagining that it is not going to happen for a whole variety of reasons, mostly of course to do with your own imagined inadequacies! As you begin to know yourself more and more you will see that these fears are just fears and have no place in your consciousness or decision making processes, your wishing, wanting and desiring is paramount and nothing should stand in its way.

When you appreciate something just remember what that feels like, what that energy coursing through you feels like. It may even feel like the adrenaline rush that comes in moments of great excitement or adventure, but maybe that is too strong an analogy, for in truth it is the same as the excitement as that of true love!

As you remember what that feels like too, try to bring that energetic feeling into all that you want and desire, that intense energy of love and appreciation. You see how those two words go together and are used together so often because they belong together since they are in fact the same vibration!

You see this is really all about who you really are.
You know, love thyself was once seen as a conceited aphorism, but when you think about it you have to love yourself, warts and all, in order to allow yourself to be, to appreciate who you really are and how can you do that unless you can look in the mirror first thing in the morning and say I love you, I really, really love you!
I can’t say it often enough: “Know thyself” and “Love yourself”!
Love, David


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