When you invite Peace into yourself whether it be on your morning walk or the first early morning meditation of the day, make sure that you are not blocking that which you seek to invite.

As with all things in this Universe there is no source of sickness only a disallowance of well-being. And so it is with Peace. We tend as with so many aspects of life to imagine that it will not happen for us, that we are not worthy or that it is simply impossible in the turmoil of this day and age, these Days of Rage. It is our doubt and our disallowance that prevents what we want to come in to our lives.

All that we aspire to, all that we desire, all that we want is ours for the asking and for the allowing to manifest, never mind what else is happening, never mind what others are doing and/or expecting of you. You are your own woman or man! For your sake let it be just so, as you want and desire it to be.

There is a misconception in the world that the only way to promote Peace is to have a bigger deterrent than anyone else and, since they would therefore not dare to attack you, that can only lead to Peace. Is that the way you see it?

The Days of Rage should have taught us many things if we have been awake and willing to learn from the world and from the word. The Arab Spring, which admittedly has become the Arab Winter, should have led the Middle East to a new way. But many of the vested interests in the land once desert that found itself sitting on the wealth of oil, probably find peace of a kind in their gold layered lounges surrounded by their families and sycophants. But do you think they find real Peace within? Especially when they govern by fear!

Real Peace would not allow fear to fester in their hearts and allow them to filch the revenues of the black gold for themselves or to treat their populations like unruly children, but decent thinking human beings who, through the Spring they have shown themselves to be. It will however take time for their disparate views to come to some semblance of governing order. Please God their connection to Peace remains throughout these trying times, these Days of Rage.

Many of our brothers and sisters in the Middle and Far East, whether they call themselves Moslem, Sunni, Shia, Alawites or Hindu already are used to a life of prayer and meditation. As we call them brother and sister we pray that they will also recognise their common heritage, that they all have the same Father whatever they choose to call Him, see each other as siblings, value their differences, invite Peace into their hearts and stop trying to annihilate each other.

Their fear of one another that has existed from centuries old tribal and family feuds will never allow Love and Peace to exist in their Hearts. Love cannot exist where fear resides. I believe that meditation is the key and I call upon all who preach in Mosques, Temples and Churches to advocate the practice of inviting Peace into the hearts of their congregations through the simple act of individual and joint meditation, which we call HPT. (Highly Precious Time)

Thoughts that may come into the mind are not important and can be let go on the out breath. Peace is important and if allowed to enter on the in breath will bring only love and wisdom into its sacred presence. In this way, the way of HPT or your own blend of Meditation, you will become Peace. We are all in the act of becoming, let us all become Peace.
May your connection to Peace flow on every breath. Love, David


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  1. dcardiff says:

    I appreciate your words of wisdom.


  2. Peace is there even within the noisiest of rooms… should you wish to find it.. 🙂 and let me tell you David,, at times within my job.. I have had to take that breath and breathe in that stillness.. Love and Peace.. Sue

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