We all know about the three monkeys:
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Certainly when making sure that there are no stumbling blocks within, like erroneous beliefs, to trip us up we need to apply that simple phrase in our dealings and approaches to all our brothers and sisters whoever and wherever they may be. Many of us have lived lives where we were empowered to judge others and find it only too easy in this life to carry on with that same judgemental attitude to others. Sadly we also apply the same treatment to ourselves.

How often do we send the wrong signals out to the world, but also inside to ourselves and how often have you heard yourself accuse yourself as your own judge and jury? ‘I am such an idiot’ when you have forgotten to do something, left your glasses in the hairdressers or your mobile on the bus.

OK so you are not that careless, but I sure am and constantly being warned and cajoled into remembering to turn round so as not to forget anything. With memory changing to concentrate on what now has taken on the glorious mantle of importance, those lesser things tend to fade into the mists of time…

But then, I am also reminded that those who do not care about the little things do not deserve the greater things in life. Priorities, priorities … it makes you wonder what would happen if we were alone. I can vouch for one thing, as now, that evil would have no part in this play.

We have though to consider the cultures of others in this world where the evil of torturing animals that we consider our treasured pets and companions is an everyday sport and they then end up being eaten by their tormentors. We all wish to put our values onto others and expect them to comply as if we were the absolute judges. But however forgiving we may be certain things really stick in your craw wouldn’t you say?

The same applies to religions that do not think twice about killing anyone supposedly assumed guilty of heresy and yet we believe that, ‘thou shalt not kill’. It seems that the mob still rules in certain societies! Who needs a judge, the wild west and similar wilderness mentalities are content to make their own majority decisions regardless of right or wrong. Jiminy Cricket! Where did conscience disappear to? What happened to ‘Do no evil!’ ?

Then there was the Spanish Inquisition and the Witch Hunts in the US in both the recent after communists, and distant past after the witches, when it seems only an accusation was enough to allow the torturers to do their work and obtain confessions. Who would not confess under such duress?

I am a great believer that evil does not exist in form, only in thought-form in the minds of humans and even those torturers of the past up to those of today in the theatres of war and Guantanamo Bay are not evil but totally misguided. I believe that they are not evil but what they do is evil!

I also believe that we should not malign, curse or otherwise inflict harm on anyone, therefore we must not judge the thoughts, words or actions of others. On the contrary we should see only the divine in each other and praise the divine in all people and in all things. A difficult task for us all wouldn’t you say in view of the actions of some?

This is just a temporary stop like the coaches used to stop for a change of horses on our way to Peace for if we apply the simple beliefs above, however hard that may be, then there will be little room for anything other than Peace in our hearts. But any advice on how to change the mindset of fear that governments err towards? Where is the world teacher who can advise and also be taken notice of by those in power?

We were told recently that God does not need our praise, but how about praising the Divine in all things. If when you look into the eyes of any other being all you see is divine would that not be a good start? Of course seeing the divine in all things could bring the accolade of pantheist to you.
But would that really worry you?
After all what’s in a name?
See only Love, see only Divine. Love, David


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