I couldn’t resist reposting this in its original form from Sai Baba:

Cutivate Love (Prema) towards all, it will destroy envy, anger and hatred. God and Desire (Rama & Kama) cannot co-exist in the same heart. Trust begets trust, love begets love. If you talk to another with much love, they cannot develop any hatred towards you. Love makes the whole world kin. It is the greatest instrument of concord. The farmer plants the seedling and watches over it with great care. He removes the weeds, he destroys the pests, waters it as and when necessary and spreads manure and awaits the day when he can reap the harvest and fill his granary. So too, you must carefully nourish love and pluck out the weeds of hatred and envy within you. Wear the glasses of love and everyone will appear loveable and good. You will get what you search for, you will see what your eyes crave for. Develop a holy vision, you will then see holiness everywhere.
– Divine Discourse, Sep 1, 1958.
Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

With Love, David


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