When a child is born the fontanel takes time to close as the sections of the skull gradually come together. This is a physical manifestation of the avenue that remains open to the Divine in the child’s first important days, weeks and months of life. It is meant to close as the rigours of physical life take over, but there is a further closure that takes place for most of us in this phase of the evolution of mankind, that has forsaken the natural and perpetual linking with the Divine that was once inherent in the indigenous tribes of man.

As we know history’s hidden truths now coming to light are showing how these avenues of connection have been beaten out of the natural inheritors of lands by the conquistadors of many nations seeking gold, riches and converts to religious dogmas that have obliterated most personal links to God in favour of control of the masses and at the same time amassing fortunes for the aggressive entrepreneurs and kings, missionary priests and popes alike.

It would seem that peace was also beaten out of most of the human race in these same obscenities to our brothers and sisters and only now are some of our more enlightened siblings trying desperately to reintroduce it into our waking consciousnesses as if they believed we were totally cut off from our Source.

We are appalled by the stories of the slave trade and applaud those governments that have outlawed child labour, but in the ghettos and favelas of South America many children lose parents at an early age even before the fontanel has closed. But there is a new breed of youngster in Brazil, for instance, who have formed themselves into a trade union and are actively working in the streets and in the transport system and there is a move afoot to introduce a new charter to allow children to seek work if they wish. In their lowest moments in the depths of poverty they have seen a light that has guided them to this amazing course of action that frankly puts the rest of us to shame.

It makes you wonder if these are some of the indigo children we have been hearing so much about! They are not stealing they are not dealing in drugs they are working to earn a living and they show an inherent peace and wisdom as supreme examples of humanity being the light of the world!
Should we not support them?

But the fontanel is not the only avenue for there is a subtle centre that needs to be reopened in the adult human, which in ancient traditions would have remained clear from birth as the fontanel closed. But as we have explained the choice to exclude the psychic side of inspiration was excluded from our normal perception, and we as a race have missed so many opportunities and peaceful ways to treat each other that it now involves considerable conscious effort to reopen our connective portals to our Source. It is referred to in the blinkered view of the priesthood often under disguise, as Baptism in the Holy Spirit, which as we see is a physical and not a spiritual change.

It appears by report that this takes the intervention of others in the major established religions, but in the ancient traditions still practiced in the East it is part of our personal journey where we have not forgotten. In my earliest recollections I was aware that all things are possible with the Divine and the Charisms are the gifts given to those who then have the opportunity to use them wisely for the sake of others.

I believe that Peace is the element that should be added to the Periodic Table in fact it should overlay every elemental entry. It must return to every breath and every step we as humans take. The best way for all to make this fundamental change is to join the HPT movement and meditate in Peace in the full knowledge that there is no secret key to the Crown Portal. It is within your power to open without the intervention of others and you are forever connected to the Divine.

I have to thank Dawn Katar for the following message from our dear friend Archangel Lord Michael:
Just in case you thought that you couldn’t receive more Peace, we have good news for you. If you will accept that you can NEVER be separated from your Divine Source, not even when you’re at your lowest thinking about yourself and the world at large, there is an opening for Peace to flow through you. That opening enlarges with every conscious breath, so simply be aware of your feeling while you are aware of your breath. It is like a “pop” of a membrane that is falsely created to keep you from experiencing Peace. You will feel it and you will then notice that the other feelings are becoming more and more settled into that Peace. They do not need to disappear, just become aligned with Peace so that there is no fear or judgment of anything.
This is a deep practice.
Archangel Michael
Be Peace, Love, David


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