Following the Atomic Wonder, bear with me while I look a little closer at the wonder that we are.

How is it that we humans seem to think that the only way to find out about things is to cut them up, and look at individual molecules and atoms, in order to see how the entity fits within our so called, known Universe. (Which I have to say is far from complete.) In the process of course we destroy everything that may have brought us the bounty of wisdom. If only we had the wisdom to use the incision of consciousness to probe the inner workings of all life we would be much better informed and could live and let live!

I guess we have every reason to wonder about that Universe since its pathways and boundaries are our future whichever way you look at it. And yet we still have not had the courage to dive to the deepest depths of our oceans nor explore every country on their surface. Perhaps if we had we would not be so directed towards leaving this once beautiful jewel of the cosmos which we have so successfully depleted and continue to exploit.

What if we had looked within ourselves just a little deeper, what if we had investigated the worlds of wonder that exist within the confines of every atom, and what if we had investigated the words of the wisdom keepers who only now in desperation are trying to give us the benefit of their secrets held for centuries, not in rolls, parchments or books but held in the consciousness.

Some would say that these pearls of wisdom have been handed down father to son by word of mouth alone, repeating precious stories from the past that have hidden within them the ways to live life on this Planet Earth without destroying our beloved home or the life forms in its kingdoms.

In fact these occult pearls have been investigated in secret by those that hold sway in the major powers of Earth, but only with a view to maintaining their hold over others, for individual and national greed. But no, there is an unsullied secret store of knowledge and wisdom that has existed since time began, and is available to all with the time, patience, understanding and spiritual accomplishment to access the record.

The only proviso is that everything but everything is recorded and, since we have revealed to you that this is the time of discernment, it would be up to any explorer of consciousness to decide on the relevant secrets to guide us on the best way forward.

You may be wondering where such a prodigious record could be held, but just think for a moment at the size of your own conscious memory. How much space does it take up? Now add that to the memories of all, and let’s make it easy and say just humans, all humans that have every lived! How much space are we up to now? I think the British Library in London, England with nearly 14 million books and 150 million items, including print and sound recordings, would need an extension don’t you?

But hang on, when you consider that the space taken up by just the nucleus of an atom is beyond normal sight and even the most powerful microscope strains to present us with a picture and yet in that very space could be housed many thousands of consciousnesses what kind of space are we talking about?

The Akashic Record of all that has been just is! And here’s the trick: it is open to everyone and takes up no space at all. The question then remains:
Where is your memory? Is it within the space of an atom or floating somewhere in the cosmos in a dimension beyond our normal waking consciousness?
For that matter what is forgetfulness?

You know at a certain age, and we will all approach it some time, our minds begin again the joyful expansion that we have already enjoyed since childhood. Some have had the temerity to call this new wave of expansion of the mind senility, but at that special moment in time we are all given the opportunity to look within, without the constrictions and distractions of earning livings and the demands of young lives to fill our heads.

If we give in to the misconceptions and maddening nomenclatures of others we can easily give up, but if we understand that we are undergoing changes in the atomic structure of the brain and the software of the mind that uses these new atomic pathways we will benefit from the cleared and renewed byways that will enable us to become one with the One, if we so wish. With this comes wisdom! There was a time when the old were revered for their knowledge and wisdom and in particular the Elder Shaman would, through the clarity of new channels be able to guide his or her clan, tribe or flock. Happy days!
With Love, David


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