Just a note to say that the manifestation of the Dream in real time was everything that I had expected and much more. The weather was fine, the food superb and the company excellent. The meeting of the two clans after a 30 year break with their partners and offspring went very well, though I would not have recognised many had I seen them in the street!

There is every intention not to leave it so long before the next get together and certainly, having renewed the acquaintance of my Godson after so long it is intended to keep the contact going.

Dreamtime with its directional flow of images back and forth should never be discounted as ‘just a dream’ and of no consequence as this small example proves.
Sometimes the signs and symbols take some getting used to, for your own interpretation, but on this occasion there was no mistaking the images I received which I was right to follow with such delightful results.

Happy dreaming with Love, David


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Devonian writer
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  1. brussel1941 says:

    Hi David … Yes.. you are so right .. Dreams can be signs of what has to happen or what will happen. As you once told me ONLY the dreamer can interpret correctly his dreams.. for he or she is the ONLY one to know all that there is to know.
    Interpretation of dreams in books or by “specialists” can only be fragmentary as so many details are important and cannot be all available to those who are strangers to a specific dream.

    Thank you for enlightening us. We should be reminded that there is more in a dream than the “eyes” can see !!

    All the best for your future dreams and your travels.


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