A recurrent dream is about to be manifested in real time.
At a period when the UK experienced a mini recession I was working in South London when the butcher from Holland arrived and slashed our division to ribbons. We were offered alternative work with less money and a reduced benefits contract, which was an offer we had to refuse. I had a family to think of.

At the time I was on a course with other mid management, well qualified good people all under the same kind of threat in their lives which was not so much mine but the disaster in their lives that drove me to depression and consequent nervous breakdown. No doubt good butchery for the Company but hell for the rest of us!

I decided to try my luck out in the sticks and secured employment in Norfolk which became two years in purgatory, since all agencies in the market for our upmarket mass catering equipment were in the same angst of austerity as we are today and were unable to buy. My depression lasted with the recession and I was made redundant again and returned from the fresh, windswept flatlands of Norfolk to the smoke of the South with nowhere to live, but the offer of a job at least in the centre of London this time. The family followed later.

My recurrent dream has been of old friends, who now look like angels in disguise, whom I had known since my college days in Brighton who took our family of four in, housed us and fed us until my wife found somewhere to live while I worked. We had two daughters and they had three sons and a daughter and it is the latter that has sent out a clarion call for a reunion after 25 years apart. Following my dream it was an offer I had to accept and immediately said, ‘yes’!

I leave tomorrow for England.
Angels come in many colours according to our need and on that occasion all those years ago they wore cloth of gold!

You will hear little, if anything, from Hanukah the Scribe and the Angel Messenger until I return some days hence, no doubt with stories of the changing colours of my angels and their growing families, about to manifest from the Dreamtime.
Love, Hanukah and David


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2 Responses to RECURRENT DREAM

  1. cat says:

    I have recurrent dreams of glass boats and books … the glass boat breaks with me in it … the books/ sometimes letters are undecipherable ….

    • What do these symbols mean to you? Why a glass boat? What would you see through the glass if you were prepared to look? And why letters that are indecipherable? In another language or hieroglyph? Is this all about not wanting to see what is in front of you? Love David

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