I view sin as a denial of God.
We are born in Grace, the grace of God that is everlasting. To presume that Grace is only granted to the few or at intervals or specific times to suit humankind designed calendars is an affront to the Divine Wisdom and the Love that is gifted to us in the form of Grace continuously. To assume that humanity fell from Grace is an equally obnoxious concept to me. Men and women evolved, with a little help from our friends!

Within us and the panoply of gifts to mankind is possibly the primary present of ‘free will’. What does that mean to you? To me it infers the opportunity to please yourself, with the emphasis on please. For the Logos, in that gift, recognised the built in diversity of the race of mankind (Womankind is also contained within the term) Knowing that each of us is unique and we all have our own ideas of what constitutes happiness and the Logos wishes us only Joy.

To me happiness is a level of consciousness: I guess you could say I am a happy person at heart – I will sing while cleaning the toilet or mopping up the cat sick.
To others happiness is watching a late night ‘spooky movie’ or the ‘banger races’. We, thank God, are all different and to me it is our diversity that is so appealing and I sincerely hope and pray that one day we will all accept and respect our differences and in so doing manifest the compassion for the whole of creation and man in particular that lies hidden within us.

In all of this diatribe you may be able to fathom that I do not believe in sin! There are, due to our differences, different ways of doing things. So many cultures in the world have their own ways, some eat worms which others find disgusting and there is a move afoot now, in order to address the ever imminent threat, according to some no doubt erudite scientists, of world famine, to feed us on insects. Which according to those in the know are the most common and protein rich species on the Planet. Yuk!

If only the obscene waste (which in its widest sense you could call a sin) of food were to be addressed we would be able, as we are now, to feed the world and with new growing techniques, well actually reverting to old techniques, we will be able to feed the ever growing population of the planet for the foreseeable future. But as usual I digress!

Sin implies judgement and where or who in the world is the judge who could possibly decide right from wrong throughout all cultures when all we have are different ways and means of living.

There are however experiences that we as humans feel, that our clerics have ascribed to falling out of favour with the Lord, and that His Divine retribution has fallen on our heads. You see the frequency of the use of fall? And so named a ‘Fall from Grace’. Why? Because in all religions there has always been an underlying movement to maintain control through fear that their membership or congregations hold from supposedly stepping out of line, and hence incurring the wrath of God or Allah. No such God exists! Only the wrath of man falls on us because of our wrong doing.

Of course the reason to join the membership of a church or to follow any faith is not to be left out and not to be in a minority which in certain cultures could incur being sent to Coventry, exiled or excommunication for some, or even death in the extreme and we will do anything to avoid those options or to avoid simply the fear of feeling alone and needing something beyond tangible mankind to look to for help and guidance.

The travesty of the human race is that in order for the ‘powers that be’ to stay in control they invent more and more laws so that in time we will not be able to avoid committing a society defined sin and all end up as criminals.

If anything sin is a belief and since we are what we believe we could easily fall into the trap of feeling sinful whether we have broken a law, robbed a bank or just parked our bicycle in the wrong place. We were born in Grace, Peace and Love and it is this that we need to believe.

My dearest prayer and wish would be for every man, woman and child to believe that they are never alone, that they are forever connected to the Lord Logos, the source of all Love, Light, Peace and Wisdom in the Universe.
Love and Peace, to you who are no sinner in my eyes nor in the eyes of God.


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