King George VI brilliantly portrayed by Colin Firth in ‘The King’s Speech’ was the most famous and painful example that some of us lived through and witnessed firsthand and many of us, for various reasons, have the opportunity to cope with ourselves as such challenges in our lives, some of us with expert help, sheer will or a belief in the body’s own healing ability find ways to meet these media for growth.

As with many difficulties set for us, we, our families and even the healing trade often consider the blessing as a result of something in the past come to damn or haunt us in the present, seen to exist under the general banner of Karma. You may have blanched at my use of the word blessing, but believe me when I say that whatever we have from birth or gather on the way is there for a very good reason, be it stammer, stutter or stagger, and that it’s our Higher Self together with the Soul that decided this experience was exactly what was needed to give the desired avenue for growth, the opportunity to manifest for the Mind and Body to cope with along with the many other challenges set up for us on the way through life, however long or short we decided that should be. Yes, we decided!

We should not be too isolationist about this either, since whatever we were blessed with also has its effect on those around us, and since we chose our parents and they chose us the blessing is there for us all to grow through. None of us are cursed or consumed in any way by Karma which is not to redress the balance between others and ourselves but the most desirable way for us to address the balance within and for us all to progress. We should therefore look upon all of life’s challenges as the blessings that they truly are.

We may be blessed with a disabled child or cope with something similar ourselves or maybe we are drawn to try to help those whom we feel are less than us in some way. The secret is that no one is less than us. They may have different challenges and what we may consider to be the hardest opportunities to take full advantage of. I pray that we may all follow our hearts unfailing directions taking us along the path of love, empathy and compassion for others, not forgetting the same feelings for ourselves. We naturally expect our children to outlive us and coping with the early death of a child can be a harrowing experience. I pray that we may all learn that the tears of grief are there to wash away the pain and to clear the way to understanding, not to hold on to their possible detriment, but to allow the one who passed to follow their own life path from this brief life into their own future.

As we age we find it difficult to find certain words. Can you imagine the difficulty that my dearly beloved companion in this life, speaking in excess of six languages, finds himself in when only the other words come to mind, but not in the language he is speaking?

His gift with languages is, if you like, a perfect example of Karma working since in a life in ancient Egypt he was deaf and dumb and given to the priesthood who chose the wrong faith and he was walled up alive with them in the sanctuary for his unheard and unexpressed pains! The blessing of his inability to communicate, we have since learned, was to prevent him from divulging secrets from the past remembered from a rapid reincarnation to a world not ready to receive them!

My gift is in the written word, but when in business my reports were often anticipated with fear as I would not pull my punches especially when writing a critique on our latest works, striving always for perfection! It is true that the pen can be mightier than the sword and I was not averse to speak my mind either and am told that even now my words can be forceful to the point of constructive but loud and often painful criticism. I also sing at full volume! It is a challenge to bring gentler tones to the fore.

So as Sai Baba recommends, moderation in speech it is the watchword for me, in a country where everyone shouts!
How about you?

Practise moderation in speech – it will help you in many ways. When the foot slips, the wound heals after a few months; when the tongue slips, the wound it causes in the heart of another will fester for life. The tongue is liable to four big errors – uttering falsehood, finding fault with others, excessive articulation and indulging in scandals. These have to be strictly avoided if there has to be peace for the individual and the society. The bond of love and brotherliness will be stronger if people would speak less and speak sweetly. Silence (mounam) has been prescribed as a spiritual practice, for this same reason. You are all spiritual aspirants at various stages of the road and so this discipline is valuable for you also.
– Divine Discourse, July 22, 1958.

Speak softly to one another, whisper sweet nothings. Love, David


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