As Hamlet said: ‘To sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream’
It has been reported that Angels visit us in dreams.
What are dreams?
It has been said by some that the Dreamtime is the only real time and that our waking time is where we walk through a land of illusion. Hmm!
But I believe that dreams are as important and as valid as waking thoughts. They are both important to the human condition. Imagine that there is a hooked up video connection between the two and that ideas, changes and inspirations can be bounced off and shared between the two so that the one inspires the other!

By the time you recall your dream it has already been modified to provide you with an enhanced view that will enable you at least to recognise the signs and symbols to guide your own waking thoughts and therefore actions and reactions. Remember that this reality is just the one you’ve decided to call your present existence or reality, the others are accessed through the dreamtime. Since all realities are the concurrent lives, seen by us as happening in linear time, through this channel of communication you are able to change the present and ‘the past’ in preparation of the future.

It is said that it is only the seventh dream of the night that has any relevance to this existence, but who’s counting? The trick is to be able to guide yourself and your experience to give you the inspiration you need through any dream. In civilisations past there were what became known as Dream Scientists, who had mastered the art of manipulating dreams. It was at this time that certain cultures had placed greater emphasis on the right side of the brain!

Very few of us in this age have been able to approach that level of control but having said that we should with practice and concentrated effort be able to recognise the images and interpret them as the signs and symbols we need. Perhaps I should say that the Dream Scientists were proficient in their own dream sequences and no one else’s. Was this the beginning of prophecy? I am sure Edgar Cayce the Sleeping Prophet would agree.

For it is known that no other entity on Earth can interpret your dreams for you. Edgar of course was dreaming for others not interpreting their dreams. Only you can, over time, recognise your own symbols and what they mean to you. Similarly when you do remember your dreams the reason I say recognise your signs is that they are just that, and to try to understand a dream in its recalled sequence is virtually impossible with your normal waking consciousness. If you understand your own signs and symbols then the moving images become that much clearer through correct and personal interpretation.

With practice you can take your waking consciousness with you, recognise that you are in a dream and use your consciousness like a movie camera to capture the pictures for future interpretation on waking. My advice is to have a paper and pen handy to jot down what you remember before waking consciousness takes over on its crazy path of the day.

What that practice also does is to allow you to guide your progress in any dream. It might seem farfetched but you can, again with practice, decide and guide yourself to where you want to be. Though if you are like me in the early stages I am searching, searching, searching for a hidden toilet and wake in the early hours bursting for a pee! Or in one dream I was working in a hospital and the only toilet was located in the middle of a busy male/female ward with no screens! No, I won’t interpret that sequence for you here!

When a child or friend recounts a dream they have had, of course the listener, be it parent or friend who will only see the dream with their waking consciousness and since it is not their dream, they will easily misinterpret and discount the dream as implausible nonsense! Don’t do that! Allow everyone to have their dreams and if real enough to them, also allow them to follow their dreams.

It might not turn out exactly as remembered, that is only to be expected, but at least they will have had the chance to follow their own inspiration. They can change it in real time and improve it and expand it. It is the following and the wanting and desiring and improving that is the essential motivation of the flow of energy throughout the Universe. It promotes evolution and it allows the Law of Attraction to function so don’t knock it, allow it!

However daft your dreams follow them in whatever form! You need to. Only then will you be able to pursue your true unhindered purpose. Not only that but you will aid the Universe by unconscious but natural default. Love David.
PS. Well not so much unconscious now that you know this! Eh?


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2 Responses to THE DREAM

  1. cat says:

    After my baby daughter died, she came to visit me in dreams for 7 months … it was such a wondrous and happy time, D … then one night she bid me farewell and never came to me again … that’s when my heart broke … again … forever that time … if there is a god … how much more cruel can he be? I do appreciate your articles though, D … I circle them …

    • Many cultures pray to ancestors and to lost ones forever hoping to maintain the link. We forget that in the grand scheme of things they have their continuing existence still within the love and grace of God. Their experience and eternal work goes on now that their time with us has achieved the required experience for them and for us. We need to come to terms with this, hard though it may be, and try to understand that sometimes our loved ones have desired and planned just to kiss the Earth and us for a brief moment. This experience, painful and cruel though it may seem, is for our own growth potential too! They have all to move on to their next opportunity.
      Blessings and Love, David

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