So people say it’s not the goal that’s important it’s the journey!
But what if: The Journey i.e. your life in general is (forgive the expression) crap. [After Thomas Crapper who used to make the most marvellous porcelain lavatories or water closets in East London.] In other words it’s like wading through an absolute sewer! Does that fit your bill?

Yeah, how does that stack up?
Well, it needs a redefinition of the word Journey, which by Chambers dictionary most would understand as being, and I quote: ‘a day’s work or travel, a campaign, a tour or excursion: movement from end to end of a fixed course …’ There’s more but that’s enough of printed matter for now. You will notice that it leaves the content of the travel to the imagination, because that can involve a book full of blessings, difficulties or opportunities as I prefer to call them, which pretty much depends on us as individuals and how we see things. See? Well I’m a visual sort of person and that‘s the way I view things (there it is again!) so we have to include concepts such as perception, feelings and energies.

It is a question of focus. What is your focus on this journey through life? If it were a specific journey like say my following the Lotus Path through India and Nepal I was focused on the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. But on that journey I witnessed things that hit me like a sledgehammer in the face. We think there are unfair differences between the rich and the poor in our own countries, but in India it hit me like never before and I began to understand what real poverty is and the huge difference between the obscenely rich and the devastatingly poor, or untouchables as they are known. I was also witness to those who professionally beg on behalf, so they say, of the crippled children and keep what they collect for themselves!

So my focus was temporarily diverted until I realised that this is exactly what Gautama Buddha and Jeshua were trying to teach us thousands of years ago and we have, to this day, still not learnt the lesson. In short my focus was redefined. People speak of the ‘University of Life’ where on their journeys they have witnessed such things and learnt from them. They have focused on all there is to see and learned their lessons and found wisdom on the way.

Did you notice the hidden phrase: ‘All There Is’? You see, to me our journeys are all about seeing, hearing, touching and sensing in all the ways open to us the energies, wonders and the tragedies of this life and becoming, through experience, enlightened. This is the purpose of the journey as far as the Soul, the silent Witness is concerned.

But you see it is even more than that: On your journey you, regardless of any dogma, have goals, wants and desires that propel you forward along your path.
Without any of that you become a corpse. With those amazing feelings, ideas and beliefs in your mind you attract, you summon the energies of All There Is to you, the life energy flows through you because you are treading your path in the Kingdom of God that this life is! Yes, this is the Kingdom of God and we as a race continually abuse it and instead of creating wonder and beauty to mirror and echo that which is provided for us we deplete, pollute and destroy leaving behind an absolute sewer. And we wonder why our lives are not up to much?

We are summoning the energies of the Universe through us and I wonder if there will there ever come a time when the race of mankind will learn any lessons at all? Or will we leave behind a corpse like husk of a planet and ride the waves of the cosmos in search of somewhere else to mine and undermine and never mind the cost to the rest of humankind or any others for that matter as long as there is profit!
Summon energy, summon Life, summon Love, David


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4 Responses to SUMMONING

  1. It makes you wonder David as I read your last paragraph.. Will we ever learn? it seems not!.. I think maybe this particular experiment of the humanoid could be deemed a failure especially if there is no profit from it!…..
    For unless we destroy or create for profit of monetary value it would seem that we could care less about the destruction we leave behind as we destroy the habitats of other species…

    I often wonder as we were given free will, if that perhaps was the greatest of errors!.. But then like any of us running around our Petri dish We were needed to show how we would react and grow within our environmental Earth/lab conditions!…
    It saddens me greatly that for many they just DO NOT SEE themselves as they have become…
    Our Journey was never one that was supposed to be based upon Greed.. But throughout our indoctrinated years we have been moulded to Self! and Self pity!… Require only more… instead of the serving of others and giving!…. We may think we are nearing our Journey’s end.. And yet David, in my own opinion WE have a LONG LONG ROAD yet to travel before we learn the meaning of Unconditional LOVE!…..

    A thought provoking post my friend ~Sue

    • Perhaps our greatest blessing but as you say Sue maybe our greatest curse! It is no wonder that so many Souls return in sorrow but have the courage and the Love to return and try again and again. I wonder where we will end up next time? Love David

      • No doubt upon some distant planet Zog! David Somewhere preferably where we cannot destroy so much beauty .. I would like to hope that as I transcend this planet we could have left a better legacy.. I trust however that many will have able to learn and grow…. Ever forward in our steps back to the source of Oneness….. 🙂 We still have so so much yet to learn!

  2. Yes indeed so much, and the older I get I wonder how much was there in plain sight that I missed!
    Love David

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