We allow so much into our selves but in my view most of the wrong sort!
Let me explain: we should be allowing all of the vibrational matches to the things that we need, want and desire to make us happy, in other words those elements that the Universe supplies in abundance but sadly we tend to deny or disallow merely on the whim of feeling that it is not possible or that, of all things, we are not worthy to receive!

What most of us do allow though is the ghastly and gruesome news in all its gory detail as it happens from all corners of the world directly into our living spaces via the dreaded box or screen that takes predominant place, in nearly every room in some homes. But essentially the living place that not so long ago was the centre, the heart of the family – the hearth.

Some of our friends have thrown out their television sets and I realised that loving a fire as we do we have set the screen right next to the hearth so that the one confuses the other. I guess we need to address that situation and I have long held the idea that since the grandchildren watch so many educational things it would be as well to have a room set apart from the main living space for that very purpose and we could attempt to revive the art of conversation around the hearth.

So why do we hold on to that black box? Well we believe that we are in the world, we live here and we have a certain responsibility not to deny what happens in the world but to try to make what we see better, and therefore keep abreast of what happens around us and across the globe. Being in the world but not of the world holds that immediacy for us.

Not that we are the tormented beings but when the news invades our space, being natural healers, we tend immediately to empathise with the afflicted but at the same time we know that something must have driven the perpetrators to horrendous acts of violence and therefore add them to our lists and healing thoughts.

We cannot imagine the lives that some are compelled to live for one reason or another, and we understand that the moment of passing is known by us all, but it is a difficult concept to grasp when we are told that the victims have to be on the same wavelength as the killers. As briefly explained here by Abraham:

These beings, that are acting out in those ways that you find so awful, are tormented and suffering in ways that you will not understand. Their horrible acts are extensions of that pain. We also have to say to you—no one who is not a vibrational match to that could be their victim.


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  1. Yes I know exactly what you are saying here David…. I once read a book forget the name of it now.. but it was a true account of a hypnotherapist [hope thats spelt right ]?.. Any how, in the book he regressed patience back to the life before life.. And it was discussed how the debts of Karma were fulfilled the victim and those who committed the acts getting together so to speak to undo a wrong and put right the debt… Which led me to even deeper question of Karmic debt -right thinking, and actions…
    I know in later years I read a book by Denise Linn, called Past Lives Present miracles recalling how in this life she had been brutally shot and left for dead with a person who just didnt care about her at all… She recounted a very moving story about her past life recall to where she too had not given a care to the person who was not the one who had shot her!….
    The Web of Life and death are really very interwoven! and let us hope David as we move through this life’s ‘journey’ we can fathom why we are still for so many of us caught within the torment!

  2. They say its a time of discernment and there are so many conflicting stories about Karma that I am sceptical of regression and equally so of the one who said we come with a clean sheet! But I do believe we are all tied up in some way in the mystery of Karma. Love David

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