We bless our food.
Having seen the change in the energy between un-blest and blest food I believe it makes an essential difference to us when we consume it.

Although I would recommend the family gathering for a meal, say once a week or daily if it suits you, which becomes something of a ritual in the exchanges that ensue, I have to say that like the monks of old I prefer a silent meal. It is in the silence that I can understand and enhance, in meditative moments between mouthfuls, ingestion of the nutrients that will benefit my well-being, my mental and bodily health.

There are occasions of national or international trauma, or the latest score, that a blaring screen during a meal is desirable for some but for me it can surely wait.
Some eat to live and others live to eat, the latter, it would seem, becoming the majority whose obese state is putting unnecessary strain on themselves, their families and the health services of many western countries.

If the purpose of eating becomes a competition as shown on some TV programs where the reporters travel the country not only tasting but pitting themselves against the record to see who can consume the most, appears to me to be a violation of the body and an insult to those who do not have enough to eat to live.

Are you at peace when you eat and is your heart full of gratitude as you firstly look, then taste and relish the bounty of the earth that you have been gifted with to keep you alive and well? How about, “We bless and thank the fruits of the Earth that have given themselves for our nourishment”?

Why is it that the less well off always seem to be the ones to suffer through the results of junk food and manmade, hugely advertised stuff that is only bad for you and only makes you fat, sick and disenchanted?

I have always felt that I have eaten healthily, at least since adulthood, but in a foreign country without the same rules about the advertising, display and sale of food I will certainly pay more attention to the readable labels when I get home. This was brought home to me yet again in the hopes of selling our house when the following words of wisdom arrived on the doorstep so to speak. It made me understand that however careful we are at buying and preparing our food, no amount of blessing will change rubbish into the needed nourishment that will give us the well-being we all desire.

Do you feel at Peace with food? How many rules do you enjoy about your food? Are you in fear of your food? Be conscious and choose what is needed for nourishment and pleasure. Bring your inner child to the table and re-educate about taste, purpose, respect and fun with all that you present to the body. Be at Peace while you eat and that is a blessing more powerful than words.
Ascended Master Tsen Tsing of the Council
Through our friend Dawn Katar.

It is a fact that wanting is the power that fuels the Universe wanting and wanting more and more. When you sit to eat and you want not only the company you keep but you want the food that you eat, not because you have to or that you are told to, but you relish the variety and nutritious quality, the colourful presentation that gets the juices running and the enticing aroma there is a corresponding wanting by the body itself that looks forward to the process of digestion and assimilation for the benefit, well-being and health of the total entity.

These energies and vibrations are echoed and reflected within and around you even to those who share the space with you. It is an infectious vibration of wanting and desiring! Can you now appreciate how eating alone in a rush or on the move is bad for you and even worse if it is bought, manmade junk?

How much better to share with the family, as often as possible, in as much variety as you can, the blessed fruits of the earth. And frankly who cares if you always have fish on a Friday. Better if you can vary your menu so that your interest is maintained and your expectation (there it is again) is allowed full rein into wonder and anticipation! “What delicacy is Mum going to serve up next?”
Be at peace with your food and recognise its true purpose in maintaining the temple that is your body in an ideal standard of health.

Oh! You wanted to hear about being a veggie or not? Well I tried it, I tried gluten free. True I lost weight but at my daughter’s wedding I looked like a skeleton and I was definitely not happy. I tried eating right for my type (blood type) but that was just a farce. I now, as a recognised omnivore eat a little of everything, except offal at which I draw the line, and am as happy as Larry!

I love and am at peace with my food and hope you are too. Love, David
PS Looking forward to growing more of my own that has been difficult here in this heat!


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4 Responses to PEACE WITH FOOD

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I’m not going anywhere near any kind of diet these days, with my past life as a bulimic.

    At the gym I go to they’re raving about the Paleo diet – but no, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle etc etc. I’m sick of issues about food, can’t deal with them any more!

    A great post though.

  2. Thanks and good to hear it! Peace David

  3. Smiling here as Im sure you know I am at peace with food especially growing it 🙂

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