This simple saying brought all sorts of phrases to mind like: ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’. And the teachings of those who proclaim that if you wish for something long enough and hard enough the Universe must respond and give you what you want. Yeah right!

We sold our first house in the mountains and moved just before it should have been sold. Bad move! It took two more years, lots of 200 km round trips and a bank loan before we could finally let go.

Trying to move this time, not just within Spain but across borders to the United Kingdom has already taken 2 ½ years of frustration, inactive agents and numerous visits of prospective buyers but all to no avail. Since we imagined that this was our final resting place and were prepared to be carried out of here in our boxes, many might have let go of the idea to move. But we are stubborn if nothing else, we have faith and a belief in a divine purpose that beckons us to a higher calling in UK.

Trouble is that at our time of life patience wears thin and we wonder if we have the time left to fulfil that purpose which we know is important and is itself remote from the calls of our family who also want to see us back and within easier reach than in a foreign land. Seeing them all next week in Somerset!

Being believers in the before, we are aware of the past in its many guises that cause reflections in the psyches of present acquaintances, beyond their awareness it is true, but nevertheless we need to manage and cope with those feelings for their and our own benefits. There are others who have no such relationship ties, neither past nor present, but still require our help in the future and it is this aspect of the purpose that draws us like a spiritual magnet to the shores of western lands.

In the meantime although there is no sale in sight and in spite of the fact that we love our home, we are determined and bit by bit the disassembly process continues, boxes are packed and we clear both the home and our heads for what has become known in our circles as the Great Move.

One of our inspirers has given us some words that ring true for us. For what do lovers do? They embrace and as we love our home we embrace it for this, for now, is where we are. We also embrace it as the haven or heaven which we have lovingly prepared for others to enjoy, and maybe these words of wisdom apply to you too:

Every single person on the planet and every single Consciousness in the Universe has the same experience of being here and having a desire to be there. In other words, it is the promise of this eternal Universe. You’re always, always, always going to be on your way to something more – always. And when you relax and accept that, and stop beating up on yourself for not being someplace that you’re not, and instead, start embracing where you are while you keep your eye on where you’re going – now life becomes really, really, really fun.
— Abraham

With much love to you on your travels, David


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