You know when you visit friends or relatives it has become the custom in many societies to present a small gift on arrival, and members of our family start looking for Christmas presents in September, knowing less and less about each other as they move apart and eventually end up buying anything within the budget whether appropriate, needed or not.

And again when invited for a meal, sometimes it’s a gift of chocolates or wine or maybe something useful that the host needs, but often it is something trivial, an unwanted trinket that will end up in the usual filing place!

By mutual consent we have decided not to give Birthday or Christmas presents to each other and we only buy those things that the other needs as and when they need them. In this way we avoid the commercialism that has been built into multibillion industries around the celebration of dates, birth, national and religious.

We would far rather invite folks to our home and cook a good meal and share their company, their jokes, their stories and their songs in the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere of our home. We would rather they bring nothing except themselves -the greatest gift. Which brings me to the point of this post in that little box of Peace that we try to present to everyone we love.

And you know Peace is so like Love! There is no doubt that Love is the most precious thing you posses but it’s worth nothing until you give it away. The immediate thought of course is that if you give it away you are then lacking in Love. But nothing could be further from the truth since there is an unending supply of the precious stuff that pours down on you every second of every day 24/7.

But when you do give it away: look how the face of the recipient changes, look how the feeling in your heart takes a leap, look how the whole atmosphere between you changes and it’s that electrostatic atmospheric wave that wobbles the very air and affects others standing by that is the manifestation of Peace.

You see how close they are, you see what you give when you often don’t even have to do anything, just a change in your mind, a slight turn up of the corners of your mouth into the hint of a smile. Did you know that all facial expressions are similar across the ethnic divides? You can hide your peace, your love and your happiness if you wish but why not show it in such simple ways and make others loving, peaceful and happy too? If your smile is not returned it’s their loss not yours and rest assured something in them will stir when they see your smile.

The big corporates have patented 4000 human genes! Did you ever hear of anything quite so ridiculous? I am surprised that they have not tried to patent Peace and Love or maybe even Happiness. Or maybe they have! After all there are cities around the world that now have a Happiness rating! Harrogate in NE England is the happiest.

Let’s be one step ahead of them and give Peace to everyone we meet regardless of the date or cause for celebration, just remember that you and they are the only cause for celebration so celebrate each other, give Love and give Peace a chance.
With Peace and Love, David


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