My step-dad tried to teach me to ride a bike but kept telling me when he would let go of the saddle. I fell off every time! The aunt didn’t say a word, she just let go and let me learn by myself.

Some folks never learn the knack of that balancing act that seems so natural once you’ve got it. Similarly our attempts to help you to master the art of True Meditation through the HPT Series (See Hanukah the Scribe) are best attempted on your own, at your own time, at your own pace.

But even then you may find that meditation is not really for you. We are all unique individuals and for some the fact that they don’t seem to be getting anywhere is more of a worry than any benefit they might gain from those few minutes of mergeance.

Especially if like my better half Eugene you spend a considerable amount of your time in an altered state of consciousness and as he says his life has become a meditation. After all he is the clear creative channel whether healing, reading or channelling. He incidentally never learned to ride a bicycle!

So don’t be upset if HPT seems not for you at this time, it may happen for you later or you may do very well without sitting still and like Eugene enjoy the meditative state whatever you do, whether it is writing, cleaning, walking or washing because let’s face it when you pick up that dishcloth or duster the work that you do with either is an act of service to the Divine. How much closer do you want to get?

Sai Baba says it like this:
When you learn to ride a bicycle, you do not get the skill of balancing immediately. You push the cycle along to a safe and open ground, hop and skip, leaning now and then on one side and another, and make many an attempt to get the balance.

Once you get the skill, you never even think or worry about balancing. You automatically make the necessary adjustments. You can now ride through narrow streets and lanes, and even through crowded alleys – you no longer need the large, safe, open ground! So too, practice alone will equip you with deep concentration, that will sustain you even in your most difficult situation. Hence, do not get discouraged that you are not able to concentrate on prayer or meditation for long. It is just the start!
– Divine Discourse, Feb 23 1958.
Be at Peace as you learn to balance. Love, David


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3 Responses to BALANCE

  1. Angel Messenger says:

    Hi David .. Yes it is so very true .. I never ride a bicycle because my family was too poor to buy me one and because I could use my two legs wherever I had to go in my native Brussels.
    May I say that sometimes I do regret not being able to ride a bicycle…for I’m sure I would enjoy it .. but then I also discovered that I have no sense of balance.
    I balance without balance.. strange, yeah, but true.

    What meditation is concerned .. well, yes I spend “most” of my day in a conscious state of meditation… and yes, dust cloth, broom and mop do not deter me of my “connection” with the Divine… on the contrary.

    I know that talking to the Divine is called Prayer and that listening is called Meditation… but I do realize that my daily communication is neither prayer nor meditation.
    It has become a “fantastic” conversation.
    Every chore, every deed, every movement of my body and mind have become a “shared” opportunity for reflections and disclosures from and with the Divine.

    I do believe I have found my HPT moments and also my rhythm. I do so hope I will be able to continue to feel the bliss of that unusual but so reassuring contact.

    Thanks to your great posts, David and to all your faithful readers and commentators, I really feel alive and well.
    Love and much light to all.:

    NB. The beautiful little choir boy is not …me… Will try to get my photo back on a different address.
    A bit of patience, please.. ;-))

  2. You know David, I never did learn to ride a bike as a child.. Although I did sit upon one and when I was around the aged of 8, a neighbours boys bike which was far to big for me and needless to say I fell off it… I hope though even though I never mastered the bike.. I mastered other areas of balance in my life…

    Balance is what I have been trying to get back in my own life with family at the moment David, so I apologise I have not been around to comment as much recently..

  3. Dearest Sue and Eugene, I am sure that your un-cycled lives are cycled and balanced in other ways much love to you both. David

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