Does it bring you Peace to seek perfection in something? In some circumstances going for the finest detail can be a meditation which brings Peace. In many situations, it is a stressful approach to attempt control which is not possible. You can choose to meditate on the details or let them go.
Ascended Master Kuthumi via Dawn Katar.

There was a time when I was nick-named ‘Mr One Hundred Percent’ insisting on the best job possible and at the same time never giving a job to anyone else that I could not successfully complete myself. Probably due to my Engineering Training, and there is an element of that same feeling in much of what I do today.

Since today I still insist on pictures lining up along the wall, to the nearest millimetre, and even have a laser operated levelling device to achieve that result much to the frustration of others who do not see the point. Being a visual sort of chap though, form and colour combinations are important to me and I can lose myself in those meditative endeavours.

But I also understand the alternative view expressed by Kuthumi which was brought on by having to sort through the bargain rail and never wanting to buy a new car because of the first year’s depreciation! There is also an element of ego in there as well, priding myself on being able to make do and mend, whether it be in the garage, garden or kitchen. There is happiness in making something out of nothing. Don’t you find?

In truth of course there is no such thing as perfection. And Nature teaches us the endless probabilities that exist for us to achieve. None of which has within it the goal of perfection. You will count yourself lucky, no doubt, if you ever finish!
Do you believe that God is perfect?
By what standard is that perfection measured?

In a perfect Universe there is no room for growth or expansion into something better, greater or more wonderful. It is better in my view to see life, the Universe and God in a constant state, in the infinite potential of probabilities, to be in a continual quest of becoming. Why should not the same criteria apply to us that would then give us the multitude of possibilities to pursue in our multidimensional expression of life or lives as we live them side by side.
Love David.


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1 Response to PERFECTION

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David … I just notice that your photograph as a choir boy has MY name on it… Don’t know how we can change that ..but … here is my comment on your post.

    You’re so very right when you write that Perfection does not pertain to this world… may I tell you that I never thought nor believed that either.

    Since I was a child, I have always been looking to better what was in my reach.. in my room, in my office and finally also in me. I have never accepted to fall into the trap of habits .. thinking that what was, was OK and thus I did not need to improve anything.

    I am still on the lookout for the possibility to learn more everyday and so widen my vision of Life. One has never finished learning and no tomorrow is equal to yesterday. One has to check one’s achievements and verify if what we were so sure of yesterday is still relevant today.

    I do not advocate sloppiness and do like jobs well done but I also trust my eyes and my ears when amending something I believed in or have arranged.
    What material stuff is concerned, I often call myself ” Mr.Conceal it all ” for I use whatever is at hand to make things look better by hiding what does not look so good. I am supposed to be the only one who knows where the broom and the hoover are located, nobody else needs to see them.
    I do hope you and your readers will understand what I am babbling about, but just in case you all do not : I am blessed with the faculty of discovering very quickly what the real importance is of a phrase in a text, but I don’t give a dam whether I hang up a picture on the wall with a nail or a drawing pin. After all, I will be the only one who knows it.
    Perfection is not of THIS world but nevertheless we have to act as if one day we could reach it. That is what makes LIFE so much more interesting.

    Love and Light.


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